'The Bachelor' Contestant Nichole On The Secrets Behind Her Instagram

The 25-year-old told us why she goes by the nickname "Noodles" in her Instagram handle.

Since being sent home in Thursday night's rose ceremony, Brisbane based Nichole has been sharing snap after snap on her Instagram account.

Speaking to 10 daily, the cafe manager has let us in on some of her social media secrets, including where her nickname "Noodles" originated from.

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And no, it's got nothing to do with working near a kitchen either.

"That came from my pop. He gave us all nicknames and mine was Nicky Noodle Strudel Poodle and that was shortened to Nicky Noodle," she said.

"When I made my first Instagram, I didn't know what to put. So I put Nichole with a 'H' but there was a lot of those out there."

Wanting to be unique in a sea of 'Nichole's', she got to thinking about what she could make her handle when her dad interjected.

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"As I was figuring out what to pick my dad called me and he said, 'Hey Noodle'. So I thought that’s what I’ll put! And it just stuck like glue," Nichole said.

"None of my friends even know me as Nichole they all call me Noodle."

Fitness photos are also aplenty on Nichole's Instagram and she told 10 daily her account in a reflection of her lifestyle as a very active person.

"I go to the gym five times a week if I can. It depends on my week. But I do lots of different classes," she told 10 daily.

I'm a big runner. I love cardio based stuff. I love going on runs and doing high intensity workouts, anything that’s upbeat and keeps me moving.

That being said, while Nichole does try to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, she's certainly not about restricting herself.

"I eat generally well. Not too much processed foods. I don't completely restrict myself, I still go out and have a good time. I eat pasta and drink red wine," she said.

"But during the week, I try to be as good as I can."

Featured image: Instagram