'It's Been A Shock': Sam Wood On How Life's Changed Going From Two Kids To Three

'The Bachelor' star and his wife Snezana recently welcomed baby Charlie into the world and it's made things very different for the now family of five.

When you're managing a family household and everything that comes along with it, routine is what parents rely on to stop things from going off the rails.

For former 'Bachelor' Sam Wood and his wife Snezana -- who he met on the 2015 season of the reality TV show -- the pair had just started finding a balance when plans took an unexpected change.

"It’s funny how, as a parent, you are continually just trying to find a system or a routine that works the best for everybody," Sam told 10 daily.

"Snez and I felt like we had just gotten on top of things and found our groove with Evie and Willow, and then little Charlie came along."

The business owner and fitness professional said welcoming baby daughter Charlie into the family in July caused some madness in the Wood household.

"To be honest, going from two to three kids has definitely been a shock to the system. In the best way, of course," he said. "We wouldn’t change it for the world but we have definitely had to create a new system from scratch."

There have definitely been some changes in my life in the last three years but my routine (or lack thereof) has definitely changed the most since Charlie came along.

Sam said the biggest challenge for his Melbourne-based family is trying to manage each of their competing schedules.

"The biggest change has just been having no downtime. Before Charlie, we were able to take turns with Willow, but now it really is a case of all hands on deck," he told 10 daily.

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"There is a constant need to either be holding Charlie or chasing Willow around the house while still getting Eve to and from all of her activities."

Sam called it a "beautiful chaos," adding the extra work has affected both him and Snez physically.

"As someone who proudly never used to nap, I am all about grabbing a quick nap when you can," Sam said.

"There is no denying that Snez and I are collapsing on the couch completely exhausted as soon as we get Willow to sleep."

Sam loves food and cooking but he said there's hasn't been a lot of time for that at home lately either.

"Sometimes the thought of getting two under two into the car just seems impossible. So I have to admit, we’ve definitely been giving food delivery more of a work out than normal," Sam told 10 daily.

That's why Sam is looking forward to a more relaxing and chilled day with his family this Sunday, his first Father's Day as a dad of three.

"I don't know what we're doing for Father's Day because it’s apparently a surprise," he explained. "Snez has told me to keep the day free as we are taking a little road trip and I’m not allowed to know where."

Yet there's one thing Sam is hoping isn't on the menu and that's having to be in charge of the barbecue.

"I’ve definitely burnt a sausage on the barbecue here and there. So I create a limited edition Burnt Sausage Sauce with Deliveroo," Sam said. "For all the dads out there who want a day off the barbecue this Sunday too, kick your feet up because this one’s for you!"

Sam said all parents know that no matter how many kids you have, life is always a juggling act.

"I love our crazy mad house but it has been an adjustment," he said.

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"So thank God for quick workouts I can do at home and an incredible wife. Not in that order!"

Sam is stepfather to Snezana’s daughter Eve, 13, from a previous relationship and they both moved from Perth to Melbourne to live with him.

They share daughter, Willow, one, and baby girl, Charlie, who was born just over a month ago.

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Sam Wood is an ambassador for Deliveroo.