'The Bachelor' Star Abbie Responds To Rumours Matt Agnew Got Her Pregnant

Earlier this week it was suggested a 'Bachelor love child had rocked the mansion'.

Woman's Day reported an unidentified source had told them Bachelor Matt Agnew received a late night visit from one of the contestants who had 'snuck out' of the mansion outside of filming to come and see him.

The Bachelorette was said to have been attempting to 'reignite the spark' she had been establishing with Matt during the show.

"She was getting jealous of the other girls' connections with Matt and was trying to win him over," the insider reportedly told the magazine. "So she snuck out of the mansion one night and stayed over."

Contestant Abbie with Bachelor Matt Agnew. Image: Network 10

While the online version of the article did not name who the suspected woman was, the print version contained images of Abbie Chatfield, along with pictures drawing circles around and arrows to her stomach.

The captions associated with the images of Abbie, wearing a white t-shirt and yellow skirt, read: "Fan's noticed Abbie's tummy bump" and questioned "so is it pregnancy tummy, or just a food baby?" making the suggestion that 'The Bachelor' contestant may be pregnant.

The headlines further asked: "Is The Bachelor having a baby?"

The article that appeared in the Woman's Day magazine this week. Image: Woman's Day

The apparent 'visit' was further said to have made the fellow contestants upset with Abbie and that the girls had turned on her from that point.

Speaking to 10 daily, Abbie has addressed the rumours and said: "The allegations of my pregnancy with Matt during filming are false and unsubstantiated."

Abbie said the images used by the magazine constitute at body shaming and attacked her for merely having a normal body.

Abbie with her fellow Bachelor contestants Elly and Kristen. Image: Network 10

"The images used as evidence merely encourage body shaming and assume that because my stomach is not completely flat that I must be pregnant," she continued.

Yet despite the body shaming, Abbie further explained these images were taken during her first few encounters with Matt, when she had barely even gotten to know him.

"Regardless of this, this day was only a few days after meeting Matt as it was the first group date. We had barely had a conversation," she told 10 daily.

Abbie and Matt during their first meeting during the premiere of The Bachelor. Image: Network 10

"As I have said previously, it is impossible to have sex on 'The Bachelor' and any statements on the contrary are nothing short of ludicrous."

Abbie previously said it would be 'impossible' to have sex while appearing on 'The Bachelor' as they are not given a minute with Matt off camera.

"And there's always someone next to us. It's impossible!" she said.

Featured image: Network 10