Chrissy Teigen Claps Back After Being Shamed For Not Wearing A Bra

When Chrissy Teigen received some negative comments on her outfit choice, she didn't take it lying down.

The 33-year-old model shared a photo on her Instagram account on Wednesday where she was pictured walking through a toy shop while wearing a maroon jumpsuit with a deep v-neckline.

The mum of two captioned the image with: “What do you think I’m looking at.”

Taking the captions as an opportunity to have a go at Chrissy, a commenter wrote in response: “A bra, girl get you one!”

But Chrissy in her usual style wasn't going to let the unsolicited and rude comment slide.

"Allow me to save you from my titties," she responded.

Many other fans on Chrissy also came to her defense, stating she is allowed to wear anything she likes and condemned the commeter for shaming her.

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“All of these WOMEN commenting on the fact she’s not wearing a bra, y’alll are just jealous you don’t have the confidence to do it too because we all know bras are the worst thing in existence,” one commenter wrote.

“I saw this and thought ‘thank you Chrissy for putting up a picture of you without a bra and a low v neck line to make us big boobed girls to feel SAFE to do the same thing’ then saw comments of women telling her to put one on!!! What the actual F mannn, I think this is incredible," added another.

Chrissy Teigen is mum to Luna, three, and Miles, one, who she shares with her husband John Legend.

Featured image: Instagram