If You've Had A Full Blown Argument With Someone, You Can Absolutely Blame The Stars

Have you butted heads with a colleague this week? Gotten into a fight with your sibling over almost nothing? You're not the only one.

To say this week has been a bit of a weird one would be an understatement. I myself have gotten into not one, but two arguments in the space of five days.

And I'm not talking about just little squabbles. I'm talking full blown arguments of epic proportions.

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The strange thing is, when I started talking to friends, family and colleagues about why the people around me seemed to be... imploding, I discovered I'm not the only one.

We conclusively deduced something must be going on. Something a bit woo-woo. Something a bit weird. As it turns out, we were all right.

If you got into an argument of epic proportions this week, welcome, take a seat. You now have an explanation for your blow up that I hope might make you feel just a little less sh*t about the state of your relationships.

When I asked astrologer and empath Greg Summers if something a bit weird is going on with the stars that's setting off fights with the people around us, he said:

"YES, there is absolutely an astrological basis. To misquote Shakespeare, our faults lie not in ourselves, but in our stars!"

Summers went on to explain that the tumultuous time is all thanks to the sun going into Virgo. Ugh.

"As of today, the sun has gone into Virgo, which is also lending a small issue as there is now a straight line between Saturn, Neptune and Mercury – often called a 'Finger of God'," he explained.

"It usually means that people start feeling a need to push themselves creatively. When we try to push ourselves, we forget how easily we can tend to push others as well."

Summers said in these times, it's important to step back and see what projects other people (especially those we’re arguing with) are working towards.

"Perhaps, if the stars align, things can actually be mutually beneficial, and everyone can help each other work toward their goals," he said.

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Summers suggested taking a breath and making sure you communicate your plans clearly, as we’re all preoccupied.

"So yes, if you’re butting heads, you can absolutely blame the stars," he said.

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