Groom Divides The Internet With 'Tacky' Wedding Invitations

A groom-to-be has shared his wedding invitation online -- but not everyone is amused by the couple's attempts at humour.

At first glance, the cardboard invite looks fairly traditional, with a plain black and white design and combination of cursive and block printed letters.

But instead of a simple 'yes' or 'no', the options given to potential guests are a decisive "Abso f***ing lutely" or "Not a god damn chance".

The invite was shared on Reddit by user dimebag1976 who explained that he and his fiance had decided on stationery that was "less than traditional" for their upcoming nuptials.

Because they're not a regular couple, they're a cool couple!

We can't say we've seen many invitations that refer to guests as "dumbasses" in asking them to tick if they'll be attending the ceremony, the reception, the "dope ass concert" or "the treats" but hey, it's their wedding.

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How would you respond? Image: Reddit.

The Reddit user posted the invitation in r/funny so he might have been expecting some chuckles for thinking outside the wedding RSVP box -- but commenters haven't been too impressed by his attempt at making them LOL.

"There are those things in life you want to be remembered for. This isn't one of them," wrote one commenter.

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"Cursing on an invitation isn’t fun, it’s rude and simple. Even if you don’t mean it to be. Come up with something more clever and personal and it’ll be more memorable," said another who was simply shocked by the swear words.

But the unorthodox invitation also scored a few fans with one poster referring to the previous commenters as "the joke police".

"I think it's hilarious!!! Then again I wouldn't send it to my Grandparents but close friends would def. get that one!!!" another user wrote.

"I LOVE this! I don't understand why people are getting their panties in a bunch. She should tell those people, a la the wedding invite, to f*** off!" advised another fan.

We're fairly sure the couple's friends are probably fans of the invite too and will probably have the night of their lives at that "dope ass concert".

Main Image: Reddit