'Just Look After Your Children': 'The Bachelor' Star Lisa Hyde Forced To Defend Her Parenting

The new mum welcomed her first child and daughter named Myja-Jae with her partner Damon Collina in July.

Yet on Sunday, Lisa Hyde was forced to respond to trolls who criticised her parenting skills as a new mother after she shared a photo of her baby in an expensive $1700 bassinet.

Many commenters suggested the baby product was an "extravagant piece of nursery furniture" as well as a "waste of money".

The 32-year-old shared a video on Friday of Myja-Jae being rocked to sleep in the SNOO Baby Cot and Sleeper and she spoke about the crib's features such as its 'built-in microphones' that detect when the baby is crying.

The eye wear designer further added that the item was successfully able to rock her daughter to sleep in the caption, where she wrote: "Myja-Jae loves her SNOO smart sleeper, and we do too!"

Yet as many began to attack the former 'Bachelor' star for her extravagant choice, she felt the need to respond to the negative criticism.

"Mate every person is an expert, some of them don’t even have kids," she replied to one post, accompanying it with laughing emojis.

"Not for everyone, but if you ever have kids I’d recommend, many benefits for you and Bub," she responded to another.

Many of the commenters suggested Lisa wasn't looking after her own child and didn't need to spend excessive amounts of money to get her baby to sleep.

"Or just look after your children, how many women have done it ever since, what a waste of money," wrote a commenter.

Lisa wrote back, stating: "Might want to read some reviews from so many mums and dads that have one, this thing is life changing for parents and baby!"

"I guess it's OK to hate if you've never tried one, I'd be jealous too," she continued, adding a winking emoji.  

"Out of everything I post on Instagram, the SNOO is definitely the most asked about, so I thought I would give you an update."

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Lisa went on to explain how the popular baby item made her life easier as a new mother and credited it with allowing her to get some much-needed rest.

"We use the SNOO day and night, but mostly at night so I don't have to spend hours rocking MJ up and down until my arms break off and I can get some sleep," she wrote.

"After she feeds and has a nappy change, we put her back in the SNOO and the white noise and rocking motion gets her back to sleep so fast."

"It's the perfect soothing machine for newborns," Lisa said.

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Lisa announced the arrival of her daughter on social media following her birth.

"Our hearts are full. Meet our beautiful daughter Myja-Jae Annie Collina, born 07.07.19," she wrote at the time.

Lisa and Damon began dating just weeks after her time on Bachelor In Paradise and were introduced by mutual friends.

Featured image: Instagram