Wrong Nick Cummins! Hotel Accidentally Prepares Room Fit For A Honey Badger

A hotel in Darwin got very excited indeed when they saw someone named Nick Cummins was checking in.

While hotel staff prepared a few customised treats for the rugby-playing, 'Bachelor' star Nick Cummins, they didn't take into consideration that the name is shared by another prominent man in sport.

So when Nick Cummins, the CEO of Cricket Tasmania, arrived at the Mercure Darwin, he got quite the surprise at the welcome he received.

"I went to check in at the hotel and as I was unpacking, I noticed this card on the table in the hotel room and there was a note to the Honey Badger," Cummins told 10 daily. 

The cricket boss shared the note to Twitter that was presented with a single red rose and an invitation to "have a look in your fridge".

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Cummins said that the fridge contained "a badger themed dessert" with paws.

"It’s kinda hard to explain. I don’t actually know what it’s made out of. I can see that they were trying!

"It was very touching but I think they were barking up the wrong tree," he laughed. 

Badger claws? Photo: Nick Cummins/Twitter.

While Cricket Cummins hasn't received anything as elaborate as a badger-themed dessert before, it's not the first time he's been mistaken for 'The Bachelor Australia' star.

"Fortunately, unfortunately, it’s not the first time it’s happened so I just had a bit of a laugh and shared it with my friends and family on social media," he said of receiving the gifts. 

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Cummins noted that he's previously made reservations at a restaurant in Tasmania whose staff reacted with "crushing disappointment when I've come through the door".

"I’ve also done an interview on Sydney radio in my job around cricket where the radio host though we were talking about rugby, initially," he explained to 10 daily. 

"Probably for the first 40 years of my life this wasn’t really a problem, it’s only really since the other Nick started playing rugby for Australia and particularly since he was on ‘The Bachelor’ that he became more widely known," he added. 

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We raised the idea to Cricket Cummins that, perhaps, the Honey Badger has been enjoying treats that were meant for him.

"I hope so! I hope that he’s receiving some of my desserts, I’d hate to think he was missing out."

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