This Instagram Page Dedicated To Popping Balloons Is So Weirdly Satisfying

People with globophobia (aka fear of balloons) beware! A Norwegian artist has turned balloon popping into an art form.

“Balloon Destroyer” is a pretty rare job title but one that artist Jan Hakon Erichsen proudly holds.

The unique art has earnt Erichsen 408k Instagram followers. Photo: Jan Hakon Erichsen

The Norwegian visual artist has built a career on creating daily balloon popping videos on his Instagram account @janerichsen.

Although seemingly simple, he said the balloon popping is actually his artistic way to explore topics like anger, frustration and fear.

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Erichsen’s work has even been exhibited in galleries and featured in video festivals internationally.

He doesn't simply stand on balloons to pop them, instead building unique instruments. Photo: Jan Hakon Erichsen

All in all, not a bad day job (unless you have a fear of balloons popping).