Gogglebox Australia: How Matty And Sarah Marie's Bulldog Has Stepped Up During Their Pregnancy

Matty, Sarah Marie, and their friend Jad have been busily preparing for the arrival of the littlest participant of 'Gogglebox Australia'.

But there's one member of their family that's been working extra hard during Sarah Marie's pregnancy -- their loyal bulldog Bane, a pup that often makes a cameo as the trio are watching TV.

"Bane's been really good!" Sarah explained to 10 daily.

"The second week I was pregnant, he smelt me, like under my arms and everything and he instantly..."

“That was just your B.O, Sarah,” chimed in Jad. 

“He smelt me, he literally sat at my feet, with me at least, with the boys he’s different," Sarah laughed, continuing on. 

She explained that after getting a whiff of her new odour, the once boisterous dog assumed a protective role in the house and can "definitely tell" that she's pregnant.

"He’s become this really cuddly, gentle dog, he loves to sleep with me. He turned! He wasn’t like that before, he was very excitable. He’s just been so gentle. 

"He’s been so protective, even with other guys coming near me, he’s always sussing everyone out now. "

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The couple announced that they were pregnant with their first child (a boy!) back in May and have been busily prepping for Baby Fahd, who's due to arrive in November.

First on the list? A new set of wheels, according to Matty who told 10 daily that their tiny two-door coupe most definitely doesn't fit a baby seat.

“Yeah so, looking for a new car, looking for a new house. Putting together a bit of a list of all the baby things we need, there are 101 of them," he explained. 

"Things that I didn’t even know existed like, what were we talking about the other day?” he asked Sarah Marie. 

“Nipple cups?”

“Nipple shields!” laughed Sarah Marie. 

The trio had previously watched a TV show about birth for a segment on 'Gogglebox' that seemingly left Matty a little scarred, with the soon-to-be dad announcing he was "never having kids".

We asked if he'd gotten used to the idea of being in the delivery room in a matter of months, but he replied that he's still a little hesitant about the whole process.

"I’m going to stay up the champagne end if I can. I’ll try not to see more than I ever want to see," Matty laughed to 10 daily. 

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As for Jad's role when the baby arrives, he told 10 daily that he doesn't know if he's on the shortlist for godfather duties.

 "He’s got his brother and he’s got other people," he said of Matty's choice adding that "he's got Bane in front of me, as well". 

To which Matty chimed in: "If Bane declines, we might think about Jad!”

But even if he doesn't get the official title of godfather, Jad said he'll "be a good role model to the baby, regardless".

"I’ll take him for his first hair cut, get him a good fade, get him a good eyebrow wax. He’s going to need a back wax from the get-go, I think," he joked. 

'Gogglebox Australia' returns Thursday, 15 August at 8.30pm on 10 and WIN Network.