'Unbridled Love': Model David Genat Opens Up About His Three Kids On 'Survivor'

International model and current 'Australian Survivor' mastermind David Genat has opened up about his three children in a rare moment of vulnerability.

We haven't heard much about David's wife or kids as he's been busily forging multiple alliances, using his craft skills to build fake immunity idols and generally keeping his cards pretty close to his chest.

But this week's reward challenge saw the Champions win a delicious toasted sandwiches feast -- served on plates that bore the faces of loved ones complete with messages from home that made everyone cry.

Ham and cheese with a fresh helping of MEMORIES. Photo: Network 10 .

While John received a plate (that he later burnt) from his nieces in Melbourne, and Baden got a photo of his cat, model David welled up as he inspected his plate from his three kids.

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'Thank you dad for helping me on sport,' the message from his son Winston read, while his other son, Hugo, wrote: 'I love you dad'.

"That's my baby Ray," David explained to the Champions tribe, pointing to a photo on his newest treasured possession.

Photo: Network 10.

"I have three kids and I love them to bits," David later explained.

"I try to think that everything I do as a way to help them. Just to have unbridled love right in front of your face and just remembering what that's about and why you're out here, it's just such a good recharge.

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"Man, I feel like I'm in the storm and I've just been recharged by the lightning and this is my lightning and I'm ready to charge," he said, tearing up.

Ready to charge. Photo: Network 10.

The heartwarming toastie eating session also saw Daisy balling her eyes as she realised she might be feeling a bit homesick.

"What a reward to win," she said, adding that "everyone can shove their fish and chips up their arse".

"I got to hear from home!"

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We're just upset that it wasn't the Contenders who won the challenge because Harry might have had some explaining to do.

The crafty ice-cream maker from WA has been telling anyone who would listen about his fake three-year-old son Oscar Nathan Hills in order to get closer to the very family-oriented old Champions tribe members.

The lies eventually came out in THAT dramatic tribal council when Ross questioned the existence of little Oscar but it would have been so much sweeter if the news had arrived with a toastie.

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.