Ooshies End Soon But Something Better Is Just A Ditch Away

The Woolworths Lion King Ooshie craze is winding up but before the next plastic collection launches, a better idea could be just across the Tasman Sea.

Almost one month of shopping mayhem, online scalping, classroom chaos and on-air Ooshie decapitation is finally coming to a halt.

The Woolworths Lion King Ooshie promotion was due to end tomorrow and although it has been extended, the end is nigh.

"Due to a limited amount of remaining stock, Woolworths has extended the Lion King Ooshies program - while stocks last only," a Woolworths spokesperson told 10 daily.

The end of bulk buying products for bonus Ooshies is near. Photo: Facebook

However, the real toll of the promotion could be what happens to these little plastic pencil toppers when the phase finally passes.

Woolworths has partnered with a company that reworks hard-to-recycle-materials into items like park benches.

However, this too shall pass with the grocery giant only accepting returned Ooshies until the end of October.

TerraCycle will shred Ooshies to re-use the plastic. Photo: TerraCycle

Seeing how attached kids are, it seems unlikely they’ll be ready to part with their precious squishy trinkets within two months.

There are also already reports of Ooshies being found at beach clean-ups.

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Yes, unfortunately, many of those once loved toys will eventually end up in landfill, adding to Australia’s recycling and waste woes.

There they’ll likely join up with Coles Little Shop 2 collectables with that similar promotion ending in September.

Little Shop 2 is the next to go, the promotion ends in September. Photo: Coles

Meanwhile, it won’t be long before yet another plastic collectable rolls out onto supermarket shelves and the cycle starts again.

BUT our Kiwi cousins across the ditch have done the unthinkable, creating popular sustainable 'toys' for kids that will actually help the planet.

New Zealand store, New World, has twice run a promotion where seedlings were collected instead of plastic toys.

Perhaps Australia could recycle New Zealand's idea. Photo: New World

The Little Garden initiative ran for six weeks in a similar fashion to Ooshies; shoppers received one seedling kit for every 40 dollars spent.

Instead of a rare Golden Trolley or Furry Simba to find, the Kiwi’s hunted for a Starflower seedling.

Replacing collector boxes full of plastic packaging, that Aussie shoppers literally bought by the trolley-full, Little Garden seedlings came in biodegradable pots.

The plants teach kids where their food comes from. Photo: The Witherington Sisters

Among the 24 collectable seedlings were vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers which promoted a healthier environment for bees and butterflies.

Nine million seedlings is a lot of bee food. Photo: New World

In the midst of a war on waste, struggling bee populations and ongoing drought, it's collectables like this that Australia needs next.

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New Zealand has already cleared the way so come on Aussie, come on.