'I Can Taste Ash Looking At That': Would You Eat This Birthday Cake?

We can't say that many people would enjoy tucking into a cake that looks like a giant, dirty ashtray.

But for one woman, it was the perfect baked tribute to celebrate her dad's birthday, who she claims is a big fan of both smoking, and decadent cakes.

"I made this a while ago for my dad's birthday," the amateur baker wrote on the Woolies/Coles Mudcake Hacks Facebook group.

"He's a pack a day smoker and I couldn't help but take the piss out of him," she wrote on the page.

The cake looks just like a tall black ashtray at the end of a long night of chain-smoking, absolutely covered in grey ash and old ciggie butts that were created with sugary treats.

Even more impressively, the woman noted that she created the masterpiece while nursing a broken finger at the time.

Photo: Facebook/Woolies/Coles Mudcake Hacks

If you're keen to re-create her smoking-hot birthday cake, she even provided the instructions for members of the group.

"Made using 2 packets of Woolworths unfilled sponge, ready to roll fondant (coloured with food colouring), desiccated coconut with black colouring for the ash, crumbled flake and filled with cream (dad's fave)," she wrote.

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While the ingredients (sponge cake, coconut) sound fairly close to a traditional Lamington, the harsh visual component of the dessert left a few cake fans a little turned off.

Image: Facebook.

While they all applauded the technical skill involved to make the cake, no-one was rushing to comment about wanting to devour the thing.

"Pretty clever but I could never eat it lol, well done," wrote one Facebook commenter.

"My lungs feel funny looking at this cake. Goes to show how real it looks! Job well done," wrote another.

One mudcake fan wrote that while it was both "realistic" and "gross" they still loved the clever cake.

The admin of the page jumped into the comments to write that that it was understood that the cake "might not appeal to some members" who she advised to "scroll on".

Although she probably should have told any unhappy commenters just to "butt out".

Main Image: Facebook