Customer Spots X-Rated Typo On Kmart Slow Cooker

The embarrassing mistake brings a whole new meaning to the cooking instructions...

A woman has posted the fail in the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook group after noticing the spelling mistake in the safety warning notes on the $19 Slow Cooker.

The Kmart customer, Sadie, shared the photo while asking, "Anyone else see what's wrong in this picture?" and included the hashtags "well done Kmart" and "I don't have one of those sorry".

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When you look a little closer you can see that the word 'cook' has been spelled incorrectly with the 'o' being a 'c' instead which results in the instruction reading: "cock only in container provided".

Sandy, as well as many others in the group, found the mistake highly entertaining, making light of the error.

Image: Facebook

"What a cock-up!" one joked.

"Dinner’s in the cockpot!" added another.

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And it seems that Sadie's slow cooker isn't the only one with the error, with another shopper stating: "That is hilarious. Just checked mine, says the same thing too. Can't wait to give the other half the instructions!!!"

We have a feeling the Kmart employee who let this one slip through might be on the phone with their manager right now...

Featured image: Kmart Australia