The Unexpected Way Osher Is Preparing For The Arrival Of His Baby

Our Bachie host Osher Günsberg let us know how he and partner Audrey Griffen are prepping for the birth of their first child together.

While gearing up for a new baby in the house normally means hitting the shops and stocking up on goods that are outgrown and thrown away in mere months -- Osh told 10 daily that he's taking a much more environmentally friendly approach.

"I am mastering the art of trawling Gumtree for the best possible baby furniture bargains and also offloading things from my life that I just won’t need for some time to make space for everything (spare bikes, old snowboards etc)," the soon-to-be new dad explained.

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'Osher Günsberg: Gumtree Master' is just the type of eco-reality program we'd get behind, a show where Osh sources tiny pieces of furniture and bedding and surprises unsuspecting Gumtree sellers when he rocks up to their house with a ute.

Osher, who is hosting the upcoming 'Masked Singer' series, said he's also managed to get his hands on some pre-loved baby goods from his circle of friends.

"There seems to be an entire economy in barely used baby things that are handed from person to person too," he told 10 daily.

"Between my mates I play poker with I think the same baby capsule took four separate kids home from hospital. All good, less landfill!"

Osh and Audrey announced that they were expecting their first child together in February, with Audrey's teenage daughter Georgia organising a game-show style baby shower in June.

Which, according to our basic math skills, means Audrey is probably due any minute now and it's all very exciting.

Osh told us that throughout his wife's pregnancy, there have been a few changes that he's noticed in himself as he mentally prepares for D-Day (Dad Day).

"I think for me I wasn’t expecting certain primal urges and territorial defences showing up unexpectedly," he told 10 daily.

I found myself getting cranky at strangers and being a bit too intense in traffic. Thankfully I caught it in time and have talked to my shrink about it since -- but not before I owed a few people some very humble apologies.

We're sure Osher's version of cranky is more of a disappointed look, the one he reserves for solving issues on 'Bachelor in Paradise' but we can't wait for the new era of Dad Osh.

Main Image: Instagram.