Man Loses Rare Furry Simba Ooshie In Most Aussie Way Possible

The rare furry Simba Ooshie is already in high demand, with only 100 of them being made.

But a Woolies shopper has opened up about the epic mistake he made when he managed to get his hands on one of the prized Ooshies, just to lose it moments after.

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A man named Greg phoned up the Kyle and Jackie O show to share his experience, after realising how valuable the Ooshie was, with a number of them cropping up on eBay.

“I didn’t know what it was,” Greg said. “Walking to the car, rip it open just to see what it is, ‘Ah a little furry lion thing’. I said ‘Oh that’s pretty cool’.”

One of the rare furry Simba Ooshies. Images: Supplied

Not knowing the rare Ooshie was in high demand and could've scored him a fair amount of cash had he managed to hold onto it to sell it, Greg went onto explain how he lost time item.

Greg said he was walking towards his freshly washed car with his Ooshie in hand and discovered a bird was going to the bathroom on his car.

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“I go to the car and as I’m approaching the car there’s this black and white bird on my roof racks, shiny ute, just washed it, the bird had shat right down the side of my thing," he explained.

“So I grabbed this little Ooshie, that is apparently very valuable, and just pegged it at this bird and it flew away and I drove off.”

Would’ve been cheaper just to wash my car!

If you have some spare time, Greg shared the incident happened at Sydney's Stockland car park in Wetherill Park on level two.

Greg's loss is due to become another person's gain, we guess.

Featured image: Supplied