The Bachelor Contestant's Name You Keep Spelling Wrong

Those of us who have unique names or spellings know this pain all too well.

If you have a name that doesn't get thrown around very often or your parents decided to give your name a twist by adding unique spelling (Kamryn, Sofiya, Emiliee and Avah, we're talking to you) then take a little moment to spare a thought for The Bachelor Australia's Nichole.

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You could almost be forgiven for getting it wrong considering it's pronounced the say way as the traditional spelling of 'Nicole'. Yet almost anyone who has written anything about Nichole has spelled it incorrectly.

And if you've tried searching her in Google, you probably have too.

Speaking to 10 daily, Nichole said it doesn't happen too often because she has all her friends trained to spell it 'her way'.

It’s more a case of them spelling other Nicoles names wrong!

But she does sometimes have to bring it to people's attention, particularly when she is being entered into a system.

"When I call about appointments and they say 'oh I’m not finding you in the system' I have to then tell them about my random 'H'," she said.

Yet the bachelorette said she doesn't get annoyed by it.

"It doesn’t make me feel bad. I just laugh it off and say it’s the French spelling!"

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And if she had the choice to change her name, Nichole still wouldn't have it any other way.

"I love my name and I love that my spelling is different. I’d rather have an interesting spelling then the same as everyone else."

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Featured image: Network 10