'I've Gone Through Hell': Woman Gets $7500 For Rare Simba Ooshie After Death Threats

Monique said she didn't even know what the rare Simba Ooshie was when it came into her possession.

The Queensland woman said she was at her local Woolworths last week with her daughter when they took the Ooshie to an employee deeming it a 'faulty one'.

It was at this point the pair were informed they had the rarest Ooshie of all, the furry Simba Ooshie, of which only 100 have been made, with many springing up for sale on online marketplaces eBay and Gumtree.

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"We're like, ‘Oh okay that’s awesome. Thanks. Do you want it?’ We didn’t want it, we didn’t know what it was," Monique told 10 daily.

"The Woolworths person was like, ‘No you need to go and have a look at eBay’. So we did and I just saw the most stupid amounts like $99,000. It was ridiculous."

Monique found one of the prized 100 rare furry Simba Ooshies. Image: Supplied

On Monday Monique decided to list her Ooshie on eBay. It attracted 15,000 views and had 5,000 watchers and the mum said this is where she made her biggest error.

I made the mistake of putting it up as $7,500 open for bids and, that night, I received over 400 messages getting told I was a waste of space, that I take up too much oxygen and that they hope karma will get me.

"There were death threats. They told me if they ever found me, they’d get me and how wrong it was for me to rip people off and that it’s [the furry Simba Ooshie] not even worth that money."

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Monique said she noticed that the eBay users bidding on her rare and highly sought after Ooshie were also bidding on other furry Simbas, yet they appeared to be fake accounts as they didn't have any buying history of feedback linked to them.

The rare furry Simba Ooshie was number 11 of 100. Images: Supplied

"I rang up eBay and I found out how to delete their bids because I wasn’t going to let mine go to $50,000 or anything like that. Then I woke up to more, heaps and heaps more [abusive messages]," she told 10 daily.

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"I told eBay, ‘Look, I want this changed straight away to 'Buy Now' for $5,000 but accept bids for over $1,000 because I’m not greedy'."

Monique said she "knows it's wrong" but took it upon herself to name and shame the people sending her abusive messages on her listing.

One of the many abusive messages Monique received. Image: Supplied

"They would then message me and laugh about it and said they were just going to keep upping my bidding so that they win it but they’re not going to pay for it. So basically they were laughing at me about why I changed it over."

Yet that's not where it ended. Monique said she was then contracted by two people who told her scammers had stolen her photos and were trying to cash in on her Ooshie.

Two people had fake listings up and, within an hour, one person had it up to a $30,000 bid and this scammer was making me get all of these abusive messages and I had to keep telling people I wasn’t scamming anyone.

But Monique got the last laugh because it wasn't long afterwards that she received a legitimate bid from someone wanting to purchase the rare furry Simba Ooshie.

"I accepted it straight away because I’m not greedy. I have sold it. I have received the money. I’ve posted it with insurance and everything to the lady and everything like that. She’s an absolute lovely lady I’ve sold it to," she told 10 daily.

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Sadly the bad behaviour isn't just coming from the Ooshie bidders, with the Ooshie sellers acting poorly also. Monique said she contacted a number of other sellers to warn them of her experience, but she was told to "mind her own business" and that they were going to get more money for theirs.

"I’m like, ‘I’m just trying to be polite because I’ve just gone through hell’. One other person was absolutely so grateful that I messaged her but she didn’t know what to do so she took hers down."

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Monique said the entire experience has been detrimental to her health and that she hasn't slept at all since Monday.

"I can’t deal with it anymore. My phone just keeps going off and my doctor said don’t look at the messages and I said yeah but there might be some nice people," she said.

"I want to thank them because I have received some absolutely lovely messages from people congratulating me for finding it."

Featured image: Supplied