All The Ridic Details From Influencers Jake And Tana's 'Really F**king Weird' Wedding

YouTube stars Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul weren't going to miss out on an opportunity to cash in on their big day.

Forget asking a friend to film your wedding for you. Influencer and YouTube stars Tana, 21, and Jake, 22, charged their fans to watch them get married.

Between them, the pair share 25 million subscribers and showed no shame when taking advantage of them as they live-streamed their Las Vegas nuptials via the app Halogen.

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Yet only their biggest fans were able to witness the extravagant wedding which cost $49.99 (approximately AU$72) to be granted access to.

The decision didn't come without criticism, with people Tweeting their distaste over the decision and making jokes about Tana and Jake's marketing of their big day as “the wedding of the century”.

“The royal wedding was free, like come on Tana,” a user wrote.

“I’m honestly shook that Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau are charging $50 (what the couple described as ‘FOMO pricing’) to watch a live stream of their wedding. Who does that?” added another.

Many suggested the engagement and wedding are fake. Image: Getty

But viewers were certainly able to be part of a spectacle, with a brawl breaking out out the altar. Just before Jake kissed his bride, an unnamed man hurled a glass of Champagne at the couple, which caused a fight to break out.

Following this, at the reception, Jake demolished their multitier wedding cake with a sword for precisely no reason.

With this sword I thee destroy. Image: Getty

Is it for real?

There has been speculation the couple staged their engagement and subsequent wedding in an effort to promote Tana's upcoming reality television show.

They announced their plans to tie the knot after Jake proposed to the star in Las Vegas while celebrating Tana's 21st birthday.

The ceremony. Image: Getty

Given Tana and Jake have only been dating for two months, the legitimacy of the decision was pulled into question with many suggesting the pair are only doing it for attention.

“I think Tana and Jake have reached Kardashian levels of ridiculousness, where nothing even shocks me anymore,” YouTuber Jack Edwards told GQ magazine.

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“Their YouTube channels are founded on shock factor and this is just another episode of the reality TV show that is their everyday lives.

"Charging $49.99 is so crazy it almost doesn’t seem crazy anymore - it’s like we’re desensitised to how awful it is that it’s just funny.”

What are the other crazy details?

The fights and swords aren't the only crazy drama that went down at the wedding. The pair exchanged their rings delivered by a man dressed as a nun and there were more than three dress changes from Tana.

Too much tongue at the reception. Image: Getty

They further hired an Oprah impersonator to appear at their event, for reasons that aren't entirely clear. BuzzFeed News Reporter Stephanie McNeal, who attended the event, said it was “really f**king weird”.

Jake’s brother Logan, another famous YouTube star who caused a wave of controversy when he filmed a dead man while in Japan's Aokigahara Suicide Forest for his channel, said he didn’t think the marriage would last more than “a month or a month and a half”.

By the sounds of it, we're inclined to agree.

Featured image: Getty