'The Dress My Mum Wants To Wear To My Wedding Is Very Clearly A Bridesmaid Dress'

A soon-to-be bride has been left upset after her mum showed her the dress she was planning to wear to her wedding and it looks eerily familiar.

Posting to Reddit, the woman asked whether or not she was a "bridezilla" for being annoyed by her mum's decision.

“I wouldn't care too much, except that my bridesmaids will be wearing a more casual off-the-rack dress as a cost-saving measure,” she wrote. “So I'd rather my mum isn't the only person at my wedding wearing an actual bridesmaid dress.”

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In order to save some money, the bride picked up some $48 navy dresses on Amazon for her bridesmaids. Yet the gown her mum ended up choosing looks incredibly similar, except she paid $256 for hers.

The woman added that for her sister's wedding the mum for a mother-of-the-bride styled gown but despite telling her she "looked gorgeous" her mum said she "felt like a sack".

The bridesmaid dress. Image: Amazon
The mother-of-the-bride's dress. Image: Wedding Shoppe

“I offered to buy her another dress that is fitted and feminine (anything she wants, as long as it isn't as obviously a bridesmaid dress) and she started to get all defensive so I dropped it,” she continued.

“AITA [Am I the a**hole] to ask my mum to wear something a little more classic for a mother-of-the-bride? Or am I being a bridezilla and need to relax and let my mum enjoy herself?”

The style the bride would like her mum to wear. Image: Amazon
Or this one. Image: Amazon

Some Reddit users did believe the mother should choose another outfit if the current one was a problem with the bride.

“It is your wedding after all. So long as everything is done politely, it shouldn’t be any problem for the mother to obtain a dress that both the bride and she find acceptable,” a user wrote.

A wedding is supposed to be about those getting married, as well, so the mother should be willing to make accommodations.

Others, however, found the suggestion dramatic and suggested the bride should get over it.

“What does ‘obviously a bridesmaid dress’ even mean? That sounds so ridiculous. What is it about the dress specifically that you don't like?” one wrote.

“If what you describe as a ‘standard MOB dress’ felt like a sack to her, maybe you're being unfair about your expectations.”

Featured image: Reddit