'She Bid On It For Fun': Daughter Spends Almost $100K On Rare Simba Ooshie

We have a feeling someone is going to be in trouble with their parents...

A rare furry Simba Ooshie is up for sale again after the owner of the item explained the bidder failed to pay almost $100,000 for the item after winning the auction on eBay.

On Thursday, the first 'super rare' furry Simba Ooshie went for auction on the website starting at an eye-watering $10,000. Five days later it officially sold for almost 10 times the amount.

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The 'Furry Simba' sold for a ridiculous $99,900 with 108 bids made over the length of the auction. But the seller said the item is back on eBay after the winning bidder failed to cough up the cash.

Image: eBay

“(The bidder) said his daughter just bid it for fun, so we have to cancel his order and relist it again," they told

The seller, whose identity is unknown, said they were annoyed some users were taking the sale as a joke.

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“I do have some buyers (that) are serious and willing to pay a good price for it, but a couple of buyers (sic) are just doing it for fun."

The seller is now considering previous offers from other buyers with only 100 of the rare Ooshies being available.

Many called it on social media, stating it must have been a scam or users placing fake bids.

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"Surely people are fake bidding because that is insane!" One person wrote.

"It's just people on extra accounts making fake bids, which I approve of when people ask stupid prices like this," added another.

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Another joked it is likely a child on their parent's phone without their knowledge.

Probs some kid on Mum's phone.

And as it turns out, most of them were right. The Woolworths Lion King promotion finishes on August 13 or until stocks run out.

Featured image: eBay