Inside The Intense World Of Ooshie Swapping Groups Where Members Are Going Rogue

Ooshies are serious business but some members of popular swapping groups are not playing by the rules and moderators are calling them out on their bad behaviour.

A moderator of popular Facebook group Woolworths LION KING & Coles Mini Shop 2 AUSTRALIA - Swap, Sell and Buy has shared a searing message in an attempt to pull some rogue members into line.

"This morning I had to remove 8 PEOPLE! All due to bullying," Cody Renee wrote just after midday on Monday. "Maybe people need a refresher on the RULES!"

Renee went on to list the rules of being a member and swapping in the group, which include:

Seller sets price. No matter what.

Be kind and courteous.

No promotions and spam. Any people trying to advertise other groups will be removed.

Respect everyone's privacy.

The group moderator then drew attention to what she said is the most important rule of all.

"AND MOST IMPORTANTLY NO BULLYING! Anyone found bullying will be removed straight away! Anyone found arguing about price will be removed straight away," she wrote.

Image: Facebook


Along with the message, Renee shared a screen shot of the membership questions user answer when joining the group and the Group Rules set by the admins of the group, of which there are five.

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Prior to this a group member flagged some poor behaviour from a fellow swapper who didn't hold up their end of the deal by taking Ooshies but not sending theirs in return.

"Beware of someone called Zowie. They are swapping and not sending Ooshies in return. And then blocking you," Emily-Jane Brady wrote.

Image: Facebook

"Can you PM me please?" a group administrator wrote in response to the warning.

Another kind member shocked by the behaviour offered Brady one of her Ooshies in her next collection.

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"Wow did they give you a tracking number? All the Ooshies I have sent I use tracking parcels and keep all the receipts," Jemma Hillier wrote.

I can't believe someone was dishonest and didn't send it. If I get one in my shopping next week or have someone cancel you're more than welcome to have it.

A number of other members also offered to replace Brady's missing Ooshie and she thanked them for their "kindness and generosity".

Another member claimed the same thing happened to them in the group to which a group admin was again quick to respond.

Several further attempted to do their own Ooshie detective work and track down the scammer in the comments section.

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For the most part it seems to be a case of a few bad apples in the group with the majority of group members being kind, courteous and playing by the rules.

The group admins and moderators are also quick to respond to any issues and ensuring the group is a safe and bully free environment because at the end of the day, not all heroes wear capes.

Featured image: Supplied/Facebook