If You Have A Defective Ooshie, It Might Be Worth More Than You Think

If one of your Lion King themed Ooshies has a strange marking on it or a rogue scar, you could be sitting on a gold mine.

They're going for ridiculous amounts of cash on Gumtree and eBay if you're able to get your hands on one of the rare Lion King Ooshies available at Woolworths.

But fans of the adorable novelty toys are flocking to Facebook groups to ask whether or not their defective Ooshies, marked with random imperfections are worth any more cash.

From a Pumbaa Ooshie with a white face, to a  Simba with a small ear or a Scar that has a black ‘scar’ next to his eye, collectors of the toys you receive when you spend $30 at Woolworths have noticed a spike in default Ooshies. 

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While many have asked whether or not they should return them to the store and ask for a replacement, many have suggested the 'priceless' collector items might gain more value as a result.

The flood began when a collector named Andrew posted a picture of his defective Pumbaa to Woolworths LION KING & Coles Mini Shop 2 AUSTRALIA - Swap, Sell and Buy Facebook group.

"That’s worth $$," said one social media user. "I had one that the gold paint peeled off and took it back for a swap... I should have kept it as it’s a one of a kind."

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"Definitely a rare, sell it on eBay for $1000," another added.

"Rare ASF," commented a third.

As a result, Andrew decided to hold onto the Pumbaa in the hope it will attract more worth.

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"We will see how many miss prints are out there, maybe worth some money," he said. 

Others were quick to share pictures of their defective Ooshies and asked if any other members had seen similar imperfections.

See some of the examples below:

"Anyone seen one of these?? Is this a defect or what?" A person wrote of the Scar with a missing eye. Image: Facebook
"Got this one yesterday, anyone else had one like it?" another asked of the Rafiki that seems to have gone blind. Image: Facebook
"My gold Nala came with a Monroe beauty spot!" Image: Facebook
"My golden cub Nala doesn't have eyes and has a weird line on the back of it, is this rare or just a misprint?" another asked. Image: Facebook
"Just got this today miss print of Pumbaa has anyone come across any of these?" a group member asked. Image: Facebook
"Mine just has a small mark on the eye." Image: Facebook
"That’s my Scar with the black spot on his head." Image: Facebook
"My Simba has a weird little ear." Image: Facebook
"Scar has not been painted right." Image: Facebook
Another Scar with a rouge marking. Image: Facebook
"One eyed Zazu!" Image: Facebook
"Swirly Simba cub." Image: Facebook
"We have a gold Scar missing part of his mane." Image: Facebook
"Nala missing a foot." Image: Facebook

Given the rare furry Simba is selling for upwards of $10,000 on eBay, we assume these collectors will be holding onto their bizarre yet one-of-a-kind Ooshies.

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Featured image: Facebook