Woolies Employee Reveals 'Disgusting' New Low From Ooshie-Obsessed Shoppers

If you've ever questioned your faith in humanity, what shoppers are doing to bag more Ooshies for free will likely tip you over the edge.

There's no doubt the new Lion King themed Oosheis available in Woolworths are making adults and kids go a little bit bonkers. But a friend of a Woolworth's employee has shared the new low people are willing to go to in order to get their hands on more Ooshies for less cash.

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Sharing the news on to the Woolworths Lion King & Coles Mini Shop 2 Australia - Swap, Sell and Buy Facebook group, the woman explained the cheap trick shoppers were using.

"A friend that works at Woolworths has told me that people were buying bonus products and then taking produce back to the service desk later on and asking for refunds.... Grrrr," the woman wrote.

Hope they say no unless people hand back the Ooshies. Some people are unreal.

Members of the group shared the woman's disgust over the way some shoppers were cheating the returns system to claim more Ooshies than they were entitled to.

"I don't get people anymore. We can't even collect stuff without being dodgy and dishonest. Its [sic] a hobby, and we turn it into this crazed obsession. We need to adult better," one person wrote.

A shopper shared that they collected 27 Ooshies on a $60 shop by purchasing items that entitled them to bonus collectables. Image: Facebook

"That’s so wrong, if you aren’t going to use it don’t buy it! Although I did buy cat food and don’t have a cat but I donated it to my local animal shelter. People have no shame," another added.

"I brought only what I'd use. That's just disgusting," wrote a third.

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Others pointed out the dishonest trick was going to make it harder for other shoppers who had legitimate returns to make to the supermarket.

"It's going to make it harder for everyone that are going [sic] legitimate returns or swaps that have nothing to do with Ooshies and it was hard enough before now it will be worse," a person wrote.

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"One Woolworths employee told me it is that bad with Ooshies that they have to sign the receipts now when giving out Ooshies because people are coming back in saying they didn't get them. I was shocked people would do that."

The trick follows a promotion running at Woolworths that allows shoppers to pick up bonus collectables when you purchase certain products at the supermarket. These items are marked with a paw print in store and online.

It's further proof this is why we can't have nice things.

Featured image: Facebook