Leo Season Starts Today, Here's How It's Going To Impact You

Leo season has just begun and it means you're going to pick up more Leo-like traits.

Know any Leos or happen to be one yourself? Well if so, it's good news because Leo season is exactly what it sounds like:

It's the season where Leo takes centre stage in the zodiac.

It's when the sun enters a sign, some people call it a season – an astrologer calls it a transit. From the 23 July to 22 August the sun will be transiting through Leo.

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But what sort of impact does it have on our emotions and is it a good thing or a bad thing? Intuitive Astrologer Teymara Wright told 10 daily it's an opportunity for Leos to reassess their identities in the world.

"It presents a sort of 'where to from here' questioning regarding who they have been in the world over the past year plus what they have been doing," she said.

Astrologer and empath Greg Summers told 10 daily that during this time, the planets and stars are aligned to maximise their impact on Leos in particular.

Leo is a sun sign and are known for their loyalty, strength, consistency and positivity. Image: Getty

"They also stimulate those Leo-like tendencies in the other horoscopes as well," so get prepared to pick up these traits.

Leo is a sun sign and Leos are known for their loyalty, strength, consistency and positivity.

"They’re a lot more brave, and a lot more protective of their pride," Summer said. "They look after family and friends more than usual because these relationships become a reflection of themselves."

For this reason, Leo season is the time to find the best things for your loved ones.

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"That means making big decisions like moving house or buying a new car, or small things like spending more time with the family doing activities like camping, hiking or dance classes," Summers told 10 daily.

His biggest tip is to make sure you don't isolate yourself in Leo season, as there is a strength in numbers around this time of year.

Making yourself a lone wolf will make you an easy target for the forces that work against you in the universe.

If one of your loved ones is going through a tough time, Greg said it's important to remember that supporting them doesn't mean you have to fight their battles for them.

"Give them space and a shoulder to lean on, listen to their problems and offer some counsel, but don’t go into battle for them. Give them space to grow --that’s the greatest gift we can give."

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Mercury is still retrograde in Cancer, so it's important to understand what you need emotionally during this time and how you can provide the same support to others.

"Any Leos who’ve been in dilemma should have seen things starting to settle down," Teymara said.

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