Woman Labelled A 'Desperate Scammer' After Sharing Ooshies Hack

They're the latest toy craze and some Ooshies are being listed on eBay for ridiculous amounts.

Ooshies are little toys that sit stop atop a pencil, with the latest collection being Lion King themed. If you spend $30 at Woolworths you are entitled to collect an Ooshie.

And as it turns out, they're so in demand that some shoppers will go to extreme lengths to get their hands on the adorable figures.

A shopper shared a post in the Kmart Unhacks & Roasts Facebook page explaining that she tried to collect the unclaimed Ooshies from a receipt she found in someone else's shopping basket.

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The unnamed shopper dubbed 'Brenda' wrote, "I found a receipt in a basket that said the person had earned 13 Ooshies".

"So I take it up to the register and politely explain and the guy says they can't give them to me."

Why the heck not? This person didn't even collect them. Why shouldn't someone else be able to collect them instead? You're all just a bunch of slugs.

While 'Brenda' might have thought the other shoppers would join her in her annoyance, they in fact did the opposite, labelling her a 'scammer' and calling her 'desperate' and 'entitled'. 

“Brenda’s over here trying to get something for nothing,” the image was captioned along with eye-roll emojis.

Image: Facebook

The post has since collected 1,300 reactions and  800 comments.

“That's like trying to claim a lottery win on someone's else's ticket you found. Not entitled,” one person wrote.

"Was probably Brenda who shoved her Flybuys card at the cashier when I said i didn't have one to collect my points," another added.

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Yet some did agree, stating they would likely try to do the same if they found a receipt themselves.

“100 percent something I would do,” a comment read.

“Just don’t explain and tell them you didn’t collect,” another added.

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Others mentioned that Woolworths had been trying to stop shoppers by doing this by marking receipts whether the Ooshies had been collected or not.

“The lady at Woolies actually marked my receipt when I collected them,” one woman wrote.

“I had my receipt stamped too, even though I did not want any,” another said.

Why all the Ooshies fuss?

While some might call it an unnecessary frenzy, there's big business in the Ooshie game, with the first rare Furry Simba Ooshie already being found on eBay.

There are only 100 of them available, according to Woolworths, and fans have been asking in Facebook fan pages if anyone has found one of the most highly sought after Ooshies yet.

Image: Ebay

And the starting bid is a whopping $9,999. If you think that's ridiculous, it already has two bids on it, taking it up to $10,099.

The hunt is still on for the other 99 Furry Simba Ooshies, with the Lion King promotion ending on 13 August or when stocks run out.

So had Brenda been allowed to collect the unclaimed Ooshies, who knows, she might have made herself some cash on a super rare Simba...

Featured image: Facebook