'My Ex Broke Up With My Brother': The 11 Worst Things About Being A Twin

Being a twin isn't all fun and games, and they've shared some of the worst things about having a sibling who looks exactly like you.

Twins have been sharing some of the worst things that have happened to them growing up on Reddit, and it's safe to say having a twin isn't all fun and games.

From having your partner to breakup with the wrong twin, to your parents trying to pretend you're the same person to save some cash, let's just say our eyes have been opened.

Here are some of the best responses:

1. Facebook tags you in each other's photos

"My identical twin brother got married and Facebook kept asking me if I wanted to tag myself in wedding photos of him and his wife."

2. You think your reflection is your twin until your realise... it's not

"Was going down an escalator at a casino. Look across and see my brother! Get the excites and yell HEY BRO! Start waving for his attention! Was waving to myself in a mirror."

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3. You get groped by your twin's partner by accident

"I was with my twin brother at the supermarket this one time, and judging from this story I’m guessing that obviously we look the same from the back, but not exactly the front because I’m a female.

"My brother’s girlfriend was shopping at the same store as us that day and comes up behind me and smacks my bottom saying 'hey love'. Jokingly I turn around and say it back. The look on her face made me regret what I did..."

4. You buy exactly the same things and don't realise until after

"My twin and I went shopping for eyeglasses. We were in a store that had multiple massive rooms filled with different brands of eyeglasses. We spent roughly three hours picking our ideal frames, independently of each other.

"We sit down to pay and the teller says 'oh that's so awesome you chose the same pair' and sure enough, it was an identical model, one in white, one in silver, out of thousands of lenses..."

Sometimes it's not so fun being a twin. Image: Getty

5. Sometimes not even your parents can tell you apart

"When I was a baby my dad was supposed to take my brother to a doctor's office because he was sick and he took me instead. My dad realised that it was me and got my brother to the doctor's, but turns out he just had a cough."

6. Your parents try to save cash by pretending you're the one person

"I have a twin brother. My mother sent us to the same swimming course when we were toddlers but could only afford to pay for one of us so she pretended we were the same kid.

She sent me one day and my brother the other day of the week. The course was two days a week. Our swimming coach got so confused because one day a week my brother was an adept swimmer and the other day I needed a swimming ring.

7. Your partner breaks up with the wrong twin

"My twin's girlfriend tried to breakup with him the same day I was supposed to meet her. Long story short she ended up breaking up with me before my twin arrived."

Twins with partners can get awkward real fast... Image: Getty

8. You get caught taking each other's tests

"We were good at different subjects, so we specialised. I would go take the tests and we would switch clothes in the bathroom between periods. He wore glasses so we would switch so I had glasses.

"Everyone, in order to tell who was who, relied on who wore glasses so no one found out for a while. That was until I accidentally wrote my student number on one of my brothers tests. Teachers found out about it and they were NOT happy."

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9. Your twin's partner will do something inappropriate

"Walking down the hallway in high school, pass by my sister's boyfriend and he reaches out and grabs my boob. I turned to him with a shocked face and he realised I was the wrong twin."

10. You might get mistaken for a married couple instead of twins

"I’m a fraternal twin. We were living in the same house once so we went to open a joint bank account at the bank to put funds in. The teller asks for IDs and just assumes we’re married.

I turn beet red (because eww) and she grabs my arm and tugs me close to go along with the story. I went with it assuming she was up to something - apparently she thought we get extra perks if we were 'married'.

11. Not everyone knows the difference between being an identical and fraternal twin

"I have a twin sister. I am a boy. So whenever I’m with my sister and we’re introducing us and one of us says, 'hey we’re twins.'

"Somebody will occasionally say, 'are you guys identical?' To which I roll my eyes and answer, 'WHAT PART OF US IS IDENTICAL SHE HAS TITS AND I DON'T.'

"You have no idea how often this happens and every time it kills my hope for humanity."

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