Melbourne Influencer Breaks Down Over Instagram Removing Likes After 'Blood, Sweat And Tears'

Mikaela Testa dislikes the changes introduced and shared her anger in a video following Instagram's decision to hide the number of likes on posts.

Testa said she is "suffering" and put “blood, sweat and tears” into developing her two accounts in a harsh video directed at the social media giant.

“If you think this is okay you can f*** off, it’s actually a sad day for those who have instagram as a job,” she wrote in an Instagram post that's since been deleted.

Following the announcement on Thursday that Instagram would be hiding the number of likes on posts and making them only viewable to the owner of the account, it left a big question mark over the influencer economy and those who make a living from the platform.

Mikaela Testa. Image: Facebook

While a number of influencers have told 10 daily they support the changes, the 19-year-old influencer said anyone who agrees with the move can “f*** off”.

Lisa Clark told 10 daily there are more metrics for serious businesses and content creators than just likes, stating, "It's not the end of the world."

"The change won't impact me personally -- I am grateful to be at a place in my life where I do use the platform to share my life, but it doesn't consume me enough that likes make me feel more or less loved/or liked," she said.

But Testa clearly disagrees, stating regardless of what people think, being an Instagram influencer is a real job and the introduction of the changes are making a real impact.

“Regardless of what you may think, Instagram is a REAL job and those in the industry have worked hard to get where they’re at,” she wrote.

It’s people that aren’t even in the industry that think it’s a f***ing joke. It’s not, it’s real damage out here.

"I’ve put my blood, sweat and tears into this for it to be ripped away, it’s not just me suffering too, it’s every brand and business I know.”

Testa went on the add that she didn't think Instagram made the decision to support the emotional well-being of its users, but instead believes there is an ulterior motive behind the shift.

"I’ve put my blood, sweat and tears into this for it to be ripped away," Testa said. Image: Facebook

“Instagram isn’t even doing this for mental health, they’re just doing it so they can control all engagement so more businesses run their adverts through Instagram essentially giving them more money," she said.

They don’t care about your feelings.

The Instagram user with less than 50,000 followers said she would be taking a “really big break” from posting to her accounts for a “couple of weeks” to “get back on track”.

Testa at a later point said the emotional outbursts she made in her video didn't have anything to do with the changes introduced by Instagram, stating she felt upset after hurtful comments were left on her accounts.

“I have the ugliest crying face, say what you want this is raw content, that’s what this account is for, leaving social media for the first time ever,” she wrote.

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“Since there are a few rude people misinterpreting this video, this has nothing to do with Insta removing likes that is the dumbest thing I’ve heard.

“This has everything to do with the disgusting hurtful comments and messages I’ve received over the past week and I just need a break.”

Despite vowing to take a break, Testa posted a photo of herself with the caption reading: “OK break is over.”

Testa told 10 daily she is upset about the reaction to her post and that "it's not the reaction I was expecting at all."

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"I’ll be continuing to use Instagram as it’s my job and I can’t let people bring me down," she said.

"There’s work to do and money to make regardless of what the public thinks about Instagram not being a job. People are forgetting i’m a human and have feeling too."

Instagram said the removal of likes was being trialed in Australia, following trials in a number of other countries and are yet to confirm if it will be a permanent change.

Featured image: Instagram