Note In Jacinda Ardern's Hotel Room Sparks Debate Over Who Created The Pavlova

The New Zealand Prime Minister is currently on our shores and her partner shared a divisive note that was part of their welcome pack.

It's the age old debate: who created the pavlova, the Aussies or the Kiwis? (Note: It was the Aussies).

And it's a sore point that's been reignited after Jacinda Arden's partner Clarke Gayford found a note in their hotel room while in Australia.

As what appears to be a welcome gift from the hotel, the pair were invited to make their own Pavlova.

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The card that went along with the do-your-own dessert read, "We invite you to indulge in a tradonal Australian dessert, the Pavlova, a decadent treat best enjoyed at times of celebration."

Sharing the image to Twitter, Gayford remarked, "This was placed in our hotel room in Melbourne. Sense of humour or diplomatic incident?"

Twitter users were quick to begin debating over the "war being declared with New Zealand."

"Yep, it’s a clever plot. We want you to declare war and invade. We quickly surrender and we get Jacinda as Prime Minister!! Everyone wins," a user wrote.

"Take Barnaby back and we'll let you keep the Pav," joked another.

Definitely an international incident.

"Okay, that's it. We're sending all their possums back," mocked a user.

"Act of War! ‘‘Tis the crown jewel of kiwi desserts. You must speak to the hotel manager at once and stuff it up em!" a commenter added.

Arden is currently in Australia being hosted by the City of Melbourne and the Australia and New Zealand School of Government.

Ms Ardern told a 2000-strong crowd in Melbourne on Thursday night she wanted to make a difference long after she finished as prime minister during an address titled 'Why does good government matter?'.

Ardern is due to meet Prime Minister Scott Morrison today for the first time since the Christchurch massacre, in which an Australian far-right terrorist killed 51 people at mosques in March.

"Last time I saw Jacinda was under the most difficult of circumstances when we were in Christchurch for the memorial service, which was a heart-wrenching exercise," Mr Morrison told reporters on Thursday.

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The world leaders are expected to talk about Australia's deportation of criminals back to New Zealand and Ardern has also promised to talk about child poverty and climate change, which is increasingly affecting smaller Pacific nations.

Ardern became Prime Minister of New Zealand in 2017 and gained worldwide acclaim for her compassionate leadership in the aftermath of the Christchurch shooting.

Her government's latest "Wellbeing Budget" measured public wellbeing alongside economic figures and allocated billions of dollars of spending on tackling suicide rates, child poverty, homelessness and domestic violence.

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