Woman Finds 'Door Handle' In Her Takeaway Nachos

We're never going to complain about our chips being forgotten again after seeing this.

A woman has posted on Facebook, sharing her gross discovery in a box of nachos she purchased from a fast food outlet.

Eve Saint, from Poughkeepsie, New York, shared a picture of her meal on, claiming she found a door knob covered in cheese. Yes, we wish were were joking.

Saint said she waited 45 minutes at a Taco Bell, where she bought the meal and then drove home.

Image: Facebook

When she found the item in her food, she called the restaurant to tell them about her discovery but they accused her of lying and hung up the phone.

Saint said she made at least 10 further phone calls before she was listened to by an employee who offered her an apology.

The woman posted the bizarre picture on Facebook with the caption: "TACO BELL IM COMING TO F**K SOMEONE UP REAL FUNNY PUTTING A F**KING DOOR KNOB IN MY NACHOS B**CH."

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Given the absurdity of the find, some commenters also accused the image of being fake. Saint responded to these by saying she "wished it was" and that the incident was true.

The customer later found out that the object was actually the "pump of a cheese dispenser" which was confirmed when an employee from Taco Bell saw the photo and reached out to Saint on Facebook to tell her, Hudson Valley Post reported.

“We take this very seriously. The franchisee that owns and operates this location is looking into this matter and strives to make things right with the customer," Taco Bell Corp said in a statement.

Featured image: Facebook