Highly Emotional And Crying Over Nothing? You Can Thank The Full Moon And Lunar Eclipse

If you've been feeling highly emotional and sensitive since last night, astrology and the planets might be to blame for it.

Yesterday we saw the last lunar eclipse of any kind until 2021, with the earth passing perfectly between the moon and the sun on Wednesday morning.

A lunar eclipse occurs at full moon when the earth finds itself in between the moon and the sun. When this happens, earth blocks the sun's light from getting to the moon, therefore casting a shadow.

As it turns out, aside from being a sight to see, it can have astrological impacts on us and our lives. As though we didn't have enough to contend with, considering Mercury is in retrograde until the end of the month...

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So, have you been feeling highly emotional and a tad sensitive since last night? Well, no, it's probably not a coincidence then that you've been crying over the most minuscule things as of this morning. Blame it on the full moon and the lunar eclipse.

Astrologer and empath Greg Summers told 10 daily that full moons are linked to heightened energies from the universe which often influence our behaviours and makes us unpredictable as well as highly emotional.

"A lunar eclipse amplifies this, often threefold. So our energies are up. We’re more sensitive to the world and people around us, we’re more receptive to small messages," he said.

You might be looking a little like this. Image: E!

Summers advised that in this time, you definitely shouldn't quit your job or leave your partner.

"It’s important to remember that we’re being emotionally hypersensitive to our world, and so we might not always be thinking clearly," he said.

"Wait a few days and see if those feelings are still as strong. Those irreversible decisions might have to stay on standby."

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That being said, it's the perfect timing for other things, such as taking up a new hobby -- like painting, writing or dancing -- to express those surplus emotions in a constructive and creative way.

Summers also said that it influences each star sign differently and can cause different outcomes for each.

"On a day-to-day basis, your stars are already affecting you. That means that a full moon or a lunar eclipse will naturally amplify those effects, and make you more sensitive to them," he said.

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If you're planning on having a baby, now would be a good time to get to it, Summers suggested. But if you're not, you might want to take some extra steps to stay protected.

"There is always a boom in what I like to call 'Full Moon Babies,' as we follow our impulses a lot more," he said.

"Over all, I’d say it’s time to be aware of what you’re feeling, and express it in productive, creative ways."

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