A Bride Tried To Force Her Cousin To Be A Bridesmaid, And The Texts Are Mental

Precisely no one wants to be the back up bridesmaid when a bridal party member drops out.

But when a woman said no to the bride's last minute demand, she took it to the next level. So sit down and grab the popcorn because as far as wild bridezilla stories go, this is a good one.

The cousin of a bride-to-be has shared their intense text message exchange on Reddit after the bride demanded she be a member of her bridal party when one of her original bridesmaids dropped out weeks before the wedding.

Except there's a problem: the cousin doesn't want to be in her bridal party. In fact, she said they "barely" speak and only sees the bride at annual family occasions.

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"Hey, sorry it’s last minute but as you know my wedding is on the 20th of this month," the bride wrote, before explaining a bridesmaid "backed out" and asked if she could "fill in".

"As tempting as that sounds, I think it’s best for me to sit this one out. Hope things work out for you though, I hope you have a great wedding," the cousin replied.

Except the bride-to-be wasn't pleased with her cousin's response, so continued to pressure her.

Image: Reddit

She says the former bridesmaid would "sell you the dress cheap" and added: "You’d really be doing me a huge favour".

Again, the cousin politely declines explaining that being a member of bridal parties makes her feel uncomfortable.

Now, this is where niceties go out the window and things get real.

You’re the only one who can fit her dress. Everyone else is either too small or too short. I desperately need you to step up here.

"I don’t know if I should be offended by that or not," the cousin replied, and then suggests there must be another family member who would happily be a part of her wedding day.

"Wow, This is my wedding day. I can't believe you're making this about you," the bride said.

"I could care less if you’re offended or not. You’re being so selfish and self-centred."

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"It doesn't matter if it makes you 'uncomfortable'. You just supposed to do things for your family," the bride added.

The bride, clearly still in denial, then demanded her cousin transfer her money for the bridesmaid dress to which she received no reply. It was at this point she decided her cousin was no longer invited to the wedding.

"Well in that case....No," the cousin said.

Image: Reddit

"You're too fat to be a bridesmaid anyways I can't believe I wasted my time asking you," the bride replied.

The attack forced the cousin to tell the bride that her bridesmaid clearly backed out for the right reason before she said: "Let's hope no one else backs out before then".

The bride brutally replied with "F*** off fatty".

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Reddit users were quick to probe about her size to bring on such a shocking response when she shared she is a happy size 14.

The cousin is keeping the identity of the bride a secret so she has it as a bargaining tool in the future for when she decides she doesn't want to attend events with that side of her family. Clever.

Still no update on whether or not the bride got the gap in her bridal party filled, but we're guessing it's not likely.

Featured image: Reddit