Matty J Said Laura's Birth Was Nothing Like He Expected It To Be

Matty Johnson had always pictured childbirth was going to be a whole lot different than it actually turned out. 

When he found out that partner Laura Byrne was pregnant, he’d imagined the moment she went into labour unfolding like it so often does on TV. 

“I always imagined that it was going to be this kind of random moment where we’d be out having lunch and Laura would have her waters break and it would be a rush to get bags packed and sprint to the hospital,” Matty told 10 daily. 

But because Laura ended up being almost two weeks overdue -- the birth of little Marlie-Mae Rose meant that the newly engaged couple had a little more time to prepare themselves. 

“Because we were so late we had it booked in almost down to the hour of when she’d be induced, so it was weird going to bed that night before going, ‘This is the very last night we’re going to have together [without a baby],'" he explained. 

Matty added that they did try to induce the baby naturally, “giving everything a nudge” to try and coax little Marlie-Mae out on time. 

“We tried a little bit of spicy food, and [bouncing on] the bouncy ball for an afternoon but nothing really worked," the co-host of 'Luxury Escapes' said. 

But when the couple finally met their first child, it was "the most rewarding, loving and emotional" 24 hours of Matty's life, he wrote on Instagram shortly after the birth.

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"Laura has been absolutely incredible. It's just been so impressive for me to sit back and watch her, not only give birth but then, become a mum as well," Matty told 10 daily. 

"She has taken to motherhood so naturally, it’s weird to ever imagine her not with a baby in her life," he gushed. 

Matty has similarly taken to fatherhood with absolute gusto, although he was initially a little apprehensive about signing up to nappy duty with the tiny newborn.

"I remember changing the nappy for the first few times and I was pretty nervous just because they’re so tiny, it feels like they’re so delicate that you don’t want to hurt them," he told 10 daily. 

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"Even when you take off the nappy, that little bit of cold air, they tend to cry a lot and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, my one job is changing nappies and I’m doing it wrong and she’s absolutely bawling her eyes out, I’m failing as a dad!" he joked. 

In the weeks following the birth of Marlie-Mae, Laura made a crack about the above photo that seems to show Matty avoiding touching her -- joking that he was being extra careful around her supposedly "insanely fertile" powers post-childbirth.

"I don’t remember... it must have been a split second before I put my arm on her," laughed Matty, adding that they were in no rush to start trying for another child. 

"We’ve heard stories of people who have fallen pregnant only a few months after giving birth and I could not imagine anything more stressful than finding out Laura’s pregnant right now," he told 10 daily. 

Instead, Matty is focusing on the two most important girls in his life right now, making sure Laura and Marlie-Mae have everything they need.

"I’m kind of on nappy duty and trying to settle her after feeds and trying to make sure that the fridge is stocked up with food and dinner is on the table. 

"I’m getting better at settling her as well so... If I could breastfeed, I would!" he joked. 

"I’m trying to do as much as I can."

Main Photo: Instagram