'I’m Going To Miss The Birth': Matty J On His 'Terrible' Airport Stuff Up

Former Bachie Matty Johnson nearly missed the most important flight of his life.

After jetting all over the world from Abu Dhabi to Barcelona and Hong Kong filming the latest season of travel show 'Luxury Escapes', Matty J had one crucial mission: to make it home in time for partner Laura Byrne to give birth to their first child.

The former Bachelor told 10 daily he had a four-hour stopover in Singapore standing between him and racing home to Laura.

"It was one of those stopovers where you kind of get too comfortable," he said, explaining a staff member approached him to tell him he was actually in the wrong terminal and his flight was about to leave without him.

"So I was that lunatic in the airport sprinting with my bag flailing behind me, only half my jacket was on and I was the very last person to get on that flight," he told 10 daily. 

"And the moment I stood on that plane, they then shut the door and started taxiing towards takeoff."

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While Matty said he's usually pretty "terrible" when it comes to being on time for flights, the stakes had never been higher with a nearly nine-months pregnant Laura waiting for him to get home.

"I always come down to the wire when it comes to planes but that is the closest I’ve come. And I thought to myself, ‘If I miss this flight, then I’m going to miss the birth’ so I was in an absolute panic. 

"I thought, 'You idiot, Matty J," he recounted.   

Thankfully, Laura and Matty's baby waited for Dad to get home and little Marlie-May Rose was born a whole five weeks later.

"In the end, it worked out perfectly, although when we go for round two, I’ll make sure my schedule is a lot more open than what it was for the birth of Marlie-May," Matty told 10 daily. 

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The 'Luxury Escapes' co-host certainly had a jam-packed schedule as he experienced various forms of ~luxury~ around the world.

He hired a Ferrari in Barcelona, drove to the Montserrat mountain range, sampled gourmet cuisine in Hong Kong and rode on the back of a camel across the sand dunes in Abu Dhabi.

Matty mentioned that he would have loved it if Laura could have joined him on his exciting luxury vacations.

"As much as it was amazing to be overseas and experience some incredible places, I did, at time wish that I had Laura with me," Matty told 10 daily. 

"It’s not as nice experiencing things by yourself, I'd definitely preferred if Laura had been by my side the entire time."

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Although he's got plenty of vacations with his new fam to look forward and shared his top pick for their first holiday away.

"I think potentially New Zealand," he told 10 daily over the phone, before conferring with Laura in the next room. 

"Where do you think the first place we’ll travel to with Marlie May, babe?" he called out. 

"Yep, probably New Zealand," he confirmed, adding that they were both "itching to get back there" and the flight isn't too long to endure with little Marlie May. 

The new season of 'Luxury Escapes' co-hosted by Sophie Falkiner airs on Saturdays at 6pm only on 10 and WIN Network. 

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