'I Definitely Don't Regret It': Meet The Woman Who Got Tattooed In Exchange For Free Ramen

Would you get inked in return for some free noodle soup?

Ramen-lover Jo Thomas was one of three people who agreed to receive a permanent mark on her skin for free bowls of the beloved Japanese dish from Brisbane eatery, I Like Ramen.

"So the offer was one bowl per week for a year to the first three people who got our I Like Ramen logo tattooed on them somewhere visible," the restaurant's co-owner Bobby Douglas explained to 'The Project'.

"Within 24 hours the competition had been closed and three people had got tattooed."

Speaking to 'The Project' panel about her bold yet delicious life choice, Jo said that she had "no regrets" and probably wouldn't get the tat removed, even after the offer of free ramen ran out after 12 months.

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"I think especially because it [has] such clean black lines and the shape of everything, I would just add on to the tattoo but 100 percent I would keep it for life," she explained.

"I really like the tattoo, actually," she added.

When you really, really like ramen. Photo: Network 10.

While Jo said she hasn't told her dad yet, she did text her mum before getting branded with the I Like Ramen logo.

"I said, 'Do you think it's worth getting a ramen tattoo if I get free ramen for a year?'

"And she replied with, 'That's so funny, definitely do it, what a good story!'" laughed Jo.

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Consumer behaviourist Dr Paul Harrison told 'The Project' that "as communities become more fragmented people are looking to other things to connect to" -- even if that means connecting to a fast food brand.

We're all for ~connecting~ to free bowls of ramen but it'd have to be for a lot longer than 12 months of tonkotsu to coax us into the tattoo parlour.

Main Photo: Network 10.