If Your Life Feels Like A Mess Right Now, There's An Astrological Reason For It

It's called Mercury retrograde and we're sorry to say it's sticking around until the end of the month.

If you've constantly been missing your train to work but a couple of minutes and arguing with your partner over the most minuscule things over the phone, there might be a scapegoat for your issues.

It's called Mercury retrograde and if you haven't heard of it before, it refers to the moment when the planet Mercury changes its orbit and appears to be moving backwards.

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Mercury retrograde happens several times throughout the year and it's just our luck we're beginning to enter one now, having started on July 7 and ending on July 31.

When it comes to astrology, Mercury is in charge of communication, intelligence and timing. So when the planet goes into retrograde it can mess things up and make your life feel like it's going to sh*t.  

So when Mercury goes into retrograde it can mess things up. Image: Getty

So it's here just in time to ruin your life. Joking... but not really. Mercury retrograde and its impact is highly dependent on how you react to it. I know no one calms down when you tell them to take a breath, but now might be the time to step back and evaluate what's going on around you.

“Expect big declarations of love and fiery arguments, followed by emotional manipulations with the aim to control others," astrologer Lisa Stardust told Refinery29.

We are dealing with intense degrees that can trigger momentary outbursts.

Lisa said you're also likely to hear from an ex of some kind, whether it be an old flame or a friend you no longer speak to. She warns it's up to you whether or not you want to allow that person back in your life.  

And just when you thought you might be ready for the shift in the planets, there's one more thing to be mindful of. The pre-retrograde shadow. This began on June 20 and is supposed to end on August 15.

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This is supposed to be the worst part of the actual transit. So be careful about what you do and how you act, particularly when it comes to your communication.

So there you have it, a woo woo excuse as to why things are being a little bit weird.

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