Carrie Bickmore On Which Of Her Three Kids Will Struggle Most With Her Project Return

On Monday night Carrie Bickmore, will be back on our television screens after eight months of maternity leave spent away from her seat at 'The Project' desk.

While the host and journalist is excited to get back and work and see her co-hosts Waleed Aly and Peter Helliar, who she affectionately calls 'the guys', as well as the entire team at 'The Project', Carrie does have mixed emotions.

The mum-of-three has been at home for the last eight months looking after her baby daughter Adelaide, who is now six months, her first daughter Evie, four, and eldest son Oliver, 11.

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"I'm sure those first few weeks will be a bit tricky and then we'll get into a groove. It'll be alright," Carrie told 10 daily. "We'll see how it goes having three kids at home and being away through dinner time."

Carrie, 38, and her partner Chris Walker however, aren't going in blind. She said there is a plan in place for how the household will run while she is away at work.

"My six-month-old Addie still obviously needs a lot of time and attention. But my partner Chris is very hands on. He's the other half of the equation. He works very hard like I do but he is also is home a heap," she said.

So between the two of us, babysitters and my parents there is a well oiled machine and an hour by hour plan of how the kids get to their extra curricular activities, get fed and all the rest of it.

But when it came to telling her children that she was returning to work and wouldn't be around as much, each of them had different reactions.

"I didn't know how Ollie would go with me going back to work. He's only really ever known me doing 'The Project'. He was one when it started turning 12 this year."

"So it's crazy that's just the life he's known. But for the last eight months I've been home every night and he's had me at home. So I wondered how he'd feel," she told 10 daily.

"But in typical Ollie fashion he's always been a kid that's like, 'It's cool! That's good!' He's not phased or fussed. I think I wanted a fuss and for him to go, 'Noooo don't go back!" He's totally cool about it."

Carrie admitted the transition will be a bit of a change for Evie, but shared she is very much a 'daddy's girl' and with her partner Chris around a lot is "sure they'll all be fine."

When it comes to who she thinks will struggle the most, Carrie believes it will be her baby daughter, Addie.

"I think it'll be Addie that probably struggles the most. Her happy place in on my lap in my arms. I think that's going to be sad for both her and I," she told 10 daily.

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Carrie said the transition from two children to three was a shock to her and she's been doing whatever she needs to survive.

"I think I thought I knew how to parent and then Addie threw a spanner in the works. She had reflux and all the things I tried with the other two didn't work for her."

"It's been very very different I think going from two to three, I had a little bit of arrogance about it. I thought it can't be that hard, I've done it before. It was very very very much of a shock."

Carrie explained her eldest Ollie was "a really good baby" and slept through from six weeks old, from 7pm to 7am.

"To be honest, I kind of just thought that was my parenting. No. It wasn't my parenting, it had nothing to do with my parenting. He was just a bloody good baby and we were very lucky," she told 10 daily.

"Then when we had Evie and she got up every three to four hours."

"Then we had Addie who didn't want to lay down and we giggled her, bounced her, rocked her, rode her up and down hallways in prams for the first few months. It was incredibly exhausting."

Carrie explained it wasn't until she worked out that Addie was suffering from reflux that things became easier.

Once we worked out that she had reflux and that he was uncomfortable herself we worked it all out. But now she's such a joy. She's such a snuggly, happy baby.

Carrie has still seen Waleed and Pete while she has been on maternity leave but shared she is excited to be back at the desk with them again.

"Pete and I’s kids to lots of stuff together. He lives around the corner so we catch up often. Waleed and I have coffees and stuff in between him working and me wrangling the three kids," she told 10 daily.

"It’ll be really nice to be back with them every night and just fall back into the groove, we work so well together."

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