Woman Has 34 Bridesmaids At Her Wedding, Wanted 50

Working out who and exactly how many people you want on your bridal party can be stressful, but not for Casme Carter.

The then bride-to-be willingly decided to have 34 bridesmaids involved in her big day. And if that number wasn't enough to freak you out, it wasn't even the original plan.

Carter initially wanted to have 50 bridesmaids, but when some couldn't make it to the wedding, she had to settle on 34, comprised of her six sisters and 28 of her friends, according to CNN.


The singer and entertainer met many of them through mentoring and women's empowerment groups, wanting all of them to play a part in her special day.


Carter and her now husband, Gary, who got engaged on a family holiday, held their wedding on the beach in Destin, Florida, on 2 June. But he had major concerns about the size of the wedding party to begin with.

"He thought I was joking but then he was like, 'if anybody can do it'. He knows how I am and how many women are around me," Carter said.


Gary definitely didn't want that number of groomsmen to match the bridal party.


And the bridesmaids themselves weren't even aware of the large size of the bridal party, with Carter coordinating the day with the women in different group chats.

All she asked of them was to wear beach dresses that were neutral in colour and to pack swimmers.


When they found out, Carter said they were really excited.

"When they saw everybody they were like, 'Oh my God, Casme. This is so awesome!'" she said.


And overall, Carter was pretty chill when it came to the logistics of the wedding and said it all went ahead with few hiccups.

“Everything about this wedding was different,” she said. “It was so amazing to have them all right beside me.”

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