Fans Convinced There Are Ghosts In Kate Langbroek's Photo

The Hit Network radio host, who is taking a 'gap year' in Italy with her family, shared a photo to Instagram when fans and celebrity pals alike noticed two strange figures in the background.

Kate Langbroek, 53, earlier this week moved into an 800-year-old home in Italy's Bologna, sharing photos on Instagram from inside its rooms.

"People who are following our family’s move to Italy may know of our waiting waiting waiting (Italian style) to move onto our permanent apartment," she wrote on Instagram.

"It’s in an old palazzo. Some of it built in the 1300s, and there are three giant mirrors in the lounge, apparently from the 1700s. So much age."

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Langbroek said she was showing two friends around the historic building to "check on its progress" when she decided to take a photo.

"I said to Tash, 'I always think if I turn around really quickly, I’ll be able to see the past in this mirror...' So we were laughing, and decided to take a selfie to see if anything would appear."

As it turns out, Langbroek certainly was able to see the past in the mirror, when she noticed two hooded figures in the background of her photo.

"Look over my head. WTF is that??? Also, I hope if that white apparition is a ghost that it at least pitches in with the renos so we can finally move in," she wrote.

Fans and celebrity pals were quick to comment on the terrifying looking figures.

"You pranking?" Dave Hughes asked.

"WTF???!!!" wrote Rebecca Maddern.

"Stop it!" Sally Obermeder posted along with two ghost emojis and two scared emojis.

Fans and celebrity pals were quick to comment on the terrifying looking figures. Image: Instagram

"And you’re moving in there!!!" another commenter added.

"This is so creepy I love it. It looks like the lady in white is actually looking round at you," pointed out another.

Many suggested the figures were a doctor and a nun.

"I just took a screen shot of that for a closer look. That got to be a plague doctor in his white mask with a pair of nuns watching on," wrote a commenter.

"WOWOWOWOW...... I see two spirits one definitely a nun with a large rosary necklace," added another. 

Another commenter also pointed out that Langbroek and her friend's reflections seem to be missing from the mirror.

Many pointed out they would now be too terrified to move into the historic home.

"Ooohhh I would be a bit nervous moving in there Kate. I’m no scaredy-cat but that freaks me out. So real," wrote a commenter.

"Um.... you need to get the house blessed...not a good vibe though," added another. 

Langbroek relocated to Bologna in January with her husband Peter and their four children, Lewis, Sunday, Artie and Jan.

Time difference aside, the radio host has continued her Hit Network drive show Hughesy & Kate with her co-host Dave Hughes from a home studio.

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