Teacher Shares How Ridiculous Helicopter Parents Are Being

A 30-year-old high school teacher, who was aggressively approached by two parents during a school athletics carnival, has said she shouldn't be attacked for "not being up to their Olympic grade standards".

It was a freezing and windy day when Alyssa*, an English teacher of nine years, was standing outside running the long jump event in her school's athletics carnival. She had a pile of marking waiting for her that would now need to wait until the weekend, while she instead helped the students participating.

But that wasn't good enough for one mother. When her daughter was an hour late to participate in the under 15 years long jump.

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"I explained to her that she was an hour late and I had already sent the recording sheet over to the record keepers and they had already given out the ribbons."

Alyssa, who is a mother of one herself,  said the girl didn't seem phased but noticed she was being watched closely by the girl's mother and another woman who she assumed to be her grandmother.

"They marched over very aggressively asking 'Can't they do it? Why can't they do it?' I explained to them that the event was finished and I had already done the recording. The mother was saying things like, 'This is a f*cking crock of sh*t' and 'I'm going to speak to the principal' because 'this is f*cked'," Alyssa told 10 daily.

Despite the mother's aggressive approach, Alyssa managed to get the girls to have their jump.

And if that experience wasn't enough to ruin Alyssa's day, it wasn't where it ended, with another parent attacking her for the way the long jump pit was being raked, by the students. Her son was warming up and the sand raking was not to her standard.

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"She approached them (students) before me and had a go at them for how they were raking the pit. They apologised and said they thought he was just practising so had left it. She then came to me again, quite aggressively stating it was ridiculous to have students doing these jobs as they can't do it properly and it needs to be level."

"I tried explaining to her that we don't have enough staff to do it all and as I was recording, I had to rely on student helpers. She again stated it was 'f*cking ridiculous'.

Alyssa says the son completed his jumps, even if the sand was not raked to perfection. Image: Getty

And sadly, Alyssa notes these two incidents are not isolated.

"At the swimming carnival this year we had mothers complaining that timekeepers had different times to their own recorded on their phones that were out by milliseconds," she told 10 daily.

Also, after the cross country we had a mother call the school to complain that her son came second... her son did come second, so there wasn't a lot of weight behind her argument but she felt she had to complain.

Alyssa said parents put far too much pressure on teachers.

* Names have been changed to maintain privacy. 

Featured image: Getty.