Flight Crews Have Shared The Most Disgusting Things Passengers Do On Planes

If you've ever been on a train during peak hour, it's safe to say you've been exposed to the worst of humanity. But as it turns out, people are really no better behaved when it comes to travelling in the sky.

Current and former flight crew have shared some of their worst experiences on Reddit. And let's just say their responses might make you think twice about eating your in-flight meal off your tray table again.

"People frequently do disgusting things on their tray tables (I've seen people change nappies, clip toenails and wipe boogers to name a few), though these discoveries pale in comparison to human faeces under a seat," one user wrote.

According to other flight crew, bathroom accidents are also far more common than unassuming passengers might realise.

"I had a lady pissing in the front galley, she just put the pants down and starts doing that. She said she had been drinking before the flight," another user wrote.

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"I had a lady threaten to sue me and piss and sh*t on the floor of the aircraft because we weren’t at the gate and I couldn’t (legally) let her use the restroom while waiting for a gate after a 35-minute flight," added another.

If you're one of those people who walk around the plane with your shoes off, maybe now is the time to stop doing that.

I am completely grossed out by bare naked dirty feet on the carpets. Regional planes fly 10 trips a day, and those carpets are loaded with bacteria. I see people let their kids lick the carpet and eat off the floor and all kinds of stuff.

And the toilets definitely aren't safe either, with many flight crew giving warnings about the lavatory floors.

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"Please do not ever walk into a toilet with bare feet. I promise you, nine times out of 10, that is not water on the floor."

If that's still not enough to convince you, we'll leave you with this pearler:

"We were doing the safety demo and this guy gets up and starts waking up to me and says, 'uhh I don’t feel so good.' The passengers around him all gasped and tried moving away (as much as they could in their seats).

"We were doing the safety demo and this guy gets up and starts waking up to me and says, 'uhh I don’t feel so good.'" Image: Getty.

"I immediately turned him around and rushed him to the back saying 'the lavatory is in the back!' All this while I still have the stupid life vest on.

"By this time the girls in the front realised something was wrong and stopped the demo. The guy makes it to the lavatory and the second he closes the door, I could hear him retching.

"I called the other attendants to tell them what happened and the head flight attendant makes the call to get the man off the plane."

It seems like being a flight attendant isn't as glamorous as we might've thought after all.

Feature image: Getty.