Marie Kondo Has Written A Kids Book For Your Messy Children

Tidying up wizard Marie Kondo wants children to feel pure joy next time they're asked to clean their rooms.

Which seems like a big ask, but Kondo somehow managed to inspire adults around the world to get a thrill out of neatly folding clothes so anything's possible.

After releasing her book 'The Art Of Tidying Up' and subsequent Netflix series, Kondo has been on a mission to help people change their hoarding ways and throw away any items that don't "spark joy" with her Kon Mari method.

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Now, she's turning her attention to subtly educating kids about the terrors of clutter by slipping her philosophy into a cute story about a messy squirrel and an owl who just LOVES to pick up trash.

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“[T]wo best friends, Kiki, a collector, and Jax, a sorter, always enjoy spending time together and having fun but when Kiki’s things start to get in the way, they must decide whether they can make room for what always ‘sparks joy’ for them: their friendship," a description of the book reads, per the Hollywood Reporter.

"Collector" and "sorter" sound like nice ways to describe hoarders and obsessive minimalists so it's good for children to decide early on which category they fit into.

Photo: Netflix.

Kondo wrote on social media that the tale was a " timeless story about friendship, and I hope that the characters of Kiki and Jax will inspire children and families to tidy and embrace joy".

The success of Kondo's Netflix series was visibly evident earlier this year when bags of clothes and clutter could be seen lined up outside charity stores in unprecedented amounts.

So if you see any toys or tiny items of clothing in skip bins around the country, you'll know the Kon Mari revolution has claimed its youngest fans.

Main Image: Netflix/Instagram: @mariekondo.