Fans Are Burning Their James Charles Products In Protest

The ongoing saga for YouTuber James Charles doesn't seem to be ending, with fans now burning their makeup.

Following the very public feud between 19-year-old makeup guru James Charles and GlamLifeGuru, Tati Westbrook, fans are now taking things to the next level: destroying their James Charles makeup palettes.

In case you've missed the entire saga, over the weekend Westbrook uploaded a video almost 45 minutes long detailing the end to her and Charles' professional and personal friendship. Westbrook was considered Charles' mentor and is one of the major figures attributed to his rise in online fame.

In the video titled "Bye Sister", Westbrook explained how she felt Charles had betrayed her trust by promoting a competitor, accusing him of being ungrateful. Westbrook also went on to allege Charles had used his fame and position in order to pressure men -- often straight -- into questioning their sexuality.

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Since the video was posted, Charles has lost more than 2 million subscribers in under 48 hours. His apology (a mere eight minutes long) also became one of YouTube's fastest disliked videos of all time.

Many others have come forward to distance themselves from Charles, and now it appears fans have been doing the same.

Videos of fans from video sharing site TikTok show those who own Charles' Morphe palette.

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Throwing the palettes into the bin, into the street and destroying them with scissors are also being showcased in some of the videos. But a major trend appears to be re-decorating the front of the pallet so it reads "Tati" instead.

While the internet is being extremely creative with their reactions to the James Charles/Tati feud, we have to admit this is our favourite:

Charles has gone into hiding following the scandal. So far Morphe, the company responsible for distributing the palettes, has yet to make any comment regarding their collaboration with the YouTuber but their social media has been inundated with demands to sever ties with him.

Featured image: YouTube / Twitter.