Nigella Lawson Reveals The One Ingredient She Can't Stand

Trying to impress during Nigella week? Avoid at all cost.

Our 'MasterChef' hopefuls have been trying to impress Nigella as best they can as they tackle some pretty tricky challenges. To give them a helping hand, we found out the one ingredient she really isn't too keen on.

"The only foodstuff I could ever describe myself as being hostile toward is green capsicum," Nigella said.

Nigella has always been a fan of making sure your dishes are lush and colourful, but if you're looking for a dash of green -- look elsewhere.

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While the most recent pressure test saw Monica leave the competition after a rough roast chook challenge, anyone looking to impress Nigella need only look at one of her ultimate comfort dishes.

"So much depends on mood and season," she said before settling on a dish she calls "My Mother's Praised Chicken". A mix between poached chicken and vegetables and chicken soup and rice, the aromatic dish is the perfect comfort and hit of nostalgia for the iconic celebrity chef.

Returning down under for another season of 'MasterChef Australia', Nigella couldn't help but champion the Aussie cuisine showcased throughout the series.

"I think the idea of Australian food being summed up by meat pies and lamingtons is a very outdated one," she said, "Thanks in part to 'MasterChef' people are really becoming open to the immense array of Australian produce and, indeed, so much native fare as well as the mixture of cultures that bring their rich variety and multifarious inspiration.

"I think Australian food is inventive without being pretentious and has a vivid freshness and boldness and broad scope that is so inspiring for all of us who love food."

As for some of her favourite hot spots in Australia, while singling just one out was difficult, Nigella settled on Fleet Restaurant in Brunswick Heads, Byron Bay.

"The place is tiny, the atmosphere relaxed, and the food exquisite," she said. "I still can’t stop thinking about the whipped smoked mullet with homemade crisps, the extraordinary cultured butter and 'caraway' sourdough, the thinly sliced patty pan squash topped with curlicues of tender squid and crustacean oil, and the veal sweetbread schnitty sanga!

"One of the best eating experiences of my life."

While Nigella has stopped by 'MasterChef' a few times over the years, we're unfortunately not going to see her popping up in other shows like 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here', turning down the idea with a stern "absolutely not".

Catch more of one of our absolute favourites as Nigella Week continues on 'MasterChef'.

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