What Your Star Sign Says About How You Celebrate Your Birthday

Clicked on this and think it's all a load of hogwash? Typical Capricorn.

Probably one of the biggest changes to how we remember people's birthdays, and how we feel good about writing "HBD" digitally to someone, has been Facebook's Birthday reminders.

The social media network has pretty much become the go-to place to wish besties, acquaintances and randos a happy birthday when you see that little yellow present icon pop up on your feed.

To celebrate the launch of "Birthday Stories", Facebook gathered some facts via a survey about Aussies and what we think about birthdays and managed to find out different stats for each star sign and how they feel about their birthdays.

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The first sign in the zodiac, according to the data Facebook collected, Aries are bold, ambitious and often forgetful. Yep, if you're a ram you're apparently the most likely to forget your friends' birthdays. Oops.


Taureans responded to the survey to say that one of the most annoying things about birthdays was being showered with gifts and messages from friends and family. According to the data, a Taurus prefers to fly under the radar when it's their birthday, saying too much attention is actually the worst part of a Birthday.


The twin sign of Gemini may come with some strong advantages. Adaptable, intelligent and outgoing, the unfortunate other side is that Geminis can occasionally be unreliable, but not when it comes to birthdays. Apparently, Geminis are the least likely to forget your birthday. Looks like two heads are better than one.


Cancerians are depicted by the crab's ability to go between the fluidity of the ocean and emotion and the rigid shore of the physical world. It should come as no surprise that the intuitive sign would reveal they're most likely to worry about getting older each year on their birthdays. Still aging is inevitable and Cancerians are also the most likely to post a sentimental pic on their big day.


If you're a Leo we need to talk because according to the data, Leos are the least interested in eating cake on their big day. Guys, what else is there to look forward to?! It's cake! Apparently, while passing on the most delicious part of birthdays, Leos are also the most chilled about people forgetting their birthday.


If you're a Virgo you probably rolled your eyes at the headline, then scrolled straight here to find out what the data said about you. it should come as absolutely no shock that the practical, logical Virgos were the most likely to have a calendar with the birthdays of all their friends and family scheduled in there.


Obviously known for their particular love of balance, Libras were surprisingly the sign who responded most positively to the idea of a birthday party. It's also important to note they put a lot of emphasis on how much they liked hearing from friends and family on their birthday, so next time September/October rolls around, make sure to check in with your Librans.


Scorpios are often referred to as the most misunderstood star sign, but make no mistake here: Scorpios were the most likely to say they love getting presents on their birthday more than other signs.


It's probably not surprising to hear that the extroverted Sags among us were the star sign most likely to say they LOVE having a fuss made when it rolled around to their birthday. Also if your office bunches together in the break room to sing for birthdays, you better believe Sags were the sign most likely to say they LOVED hearing your less-than-enthused hip-hip-hoorays.


While some signs are busy worrying about how much fuss is made of them on their birthday, Capricorns are the sign most likely to make sure to reach out. Especially when it comes to sending DMs or posting a photo or gif to their friends feeds.


While they might not be the most demanding or the shyest -- an Aquarius still does love having a bit of fuss made about them. Not too shocking considering Aquarius are often described as easy going and independent, just don't confuse that easy-going nature for indifference!


Compassionate, gentle Pisceans also often have their heads in the clouds, so it shouldn't be a shock to hear that they were the star sign least likely to use a calendar to remember their friends and family's birthdays.

The data comes on the back of Facebook launching their Birthday Stories, a way to add pics and vids to a loved one's story on their birthday. Facebook Australia's director Naomi Shepherd said, "Since the launch of Stories in 2017, we’ve seen our community show their creative flair by posting a series of funny photos or a video reminiscing about past shared experiences.

"This is why we launched Birthday Stories," she continued, "a new type of story where friends, family, and everyone in your community can add digital birthday cards, photos or videos to a story to celebrate your birthday."

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