Carrie Bickmore Details Her Struggles As A Mum Of Three

The Project's Carrie Bickmore has revealed her third child's newborn stage was "one of the most challenging periods" in her life.

Bickmore shared the "true story" of her first months as a mother of three in her latest column for Stellar magazine.

The TV and radio host, 38, said juggling an "extremely unsettled" newborn baby, alongside her two older children, lead her to question her mental health.

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Bickmore described feeling anxiety that reached levels of "near boiling point" one night when her partner Chris Walker was away with son Ollie, 11.

"I can't do this on my own tonight, I'm worried I may be getting postnatal depression," she texted Chris after trying to put three-year-old Evie and two-month-old Adelaide to sleep.

Bickmore said while Ollie and Evie were "pretty easy" as newborns, Adelaide had reflux, wasn't the best sleeper and needed to be held "day and night".

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School holidays proved especially difficult, with all three children at home, and Bickmore having to deal with an extremely painful bout of mastitis.

She joked her initial vision had been "spending my days feeding Addie on the back deck while Ollie and Evie played in the sunshine, laughing and carefree."

With Adelaide now five months old and the family settling into more of a routine, Bickmore said she's feeling "lucky".

Read Carrie Bickmore's full column in Stellar on Sunday. Image: Stellar magazine.

"Keep telling yourself the nights are long but the years are short," she advised fellow mothers.

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