Why Roast Chook Is The True Test Of The ‘MasterChef’ Kitchen

Nigella Lawson is on her way to the 'MasterChef' kitchen -- and she's bringing her signature roast chicken.

It's a dish that might seem simple enough to the untrained eye but almost nothing can beat a succulent, crispy bird fresh out of the oven, served with crunchy potatoes and lashings of gravy.

It doesn't matter how many fancy recipes or techniques you've got up your sleeve to impress your guests -- if you can't nail a roast chook, then what's the point of it all, really?

Ahead of Nigella's roast chicken challenge, we decided to take a look at some of the 'MasterChef' Hall of Fame roast chicken recipes from contestants and judges over the last few years.

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Sashi Cheliah's Roast Chicken With Sage, Orange, Cinnamon and Parsnip Chips

Sashi made this delightfully fragrant roast chicken last year and ended up winning the entire competition. Coincidence? We think not. You can find Sashi's magic recipe here.

Gary Mehigan's Roast Chicken, Peas And Potatoes

Roast chook is up there with pork belly for Judge Gary Mehigan as a home-run homemade meal with plenty of flavour, warmth and packed with good memories. Find his gorgeous version over here.

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Adam Mizzi's Roast Chicken and Chips With Crispy Mushroom Medley

Chicken and chips are reminiscent of an after-school classic, best gobbled up on a cold winter day. Season 8's Adam Mizzi gets it! Here's his updated ~gourmet~ version with a bonus mushroom medley.

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Heston's Roast Chicken

Season 8 also brought us this masterclass from Heston Blumenthal on how to make a simple yet delish chook with golden roast potatoes and full-bodied gravy. Find the recipe and video over here.

Make sure you tune in to Nigella Week to catch her very special version -- starting this Sunday from 7.30pm!

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday nights at 7.30pm. Only On 10 And WIN Network. Missed an episode? Catch up on 10 Play or 10 All Access!