Adam And Natalie Goodes Reveal The Benefits Of Adopting Senior Pets

For the second year, the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home are continuing their Senior Pet Project, an initiative raising awareness for the benefits of adopting older animals.

Ambassadors to the program, Adam and Natalie Goodes, stopped by 'Studio 10' to chat about the program. Expecting their first child in the next four weeks -- Adam and Natalie spoke about what led them to rescue their Staffy X, Chance.

The pair had been looking to rescue a dog for almost two years when nine months ago, just before they found out they were pregnant, they stumbled upon Chance.

Adam and Natalie Goodes Talk Sydney Dogs And Cats Home Senior Pet Project
The Goodes know better than most the benefits of adopting a house-trained pup like Chance. Photo: Supplied.

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"We live in a two-bedroom apartment," Adam explained, "we kept missing out on the application process because we're in an apartment. We saw this one dog looking very sad and lonely and we asked about her story."

Older pets are often overlooked when it comes to rescuing, which is why the Sydney Dog and Cat Home started the Senior Pet Project in 2018.

"We started the project to put a spotlight on our senior residents to help with their rehoming as well as cover the additional treatment costs often associated with senior residents," Dr Renae Jackson, SDACH's Animal Care Manager said.

"Owning a senior pet is extremely beneficial, not only do they often have basic training skills, but they enjoy a nice balance of playtime and relaxation. You also have the amazing opportunity of giving them a second chance for the last few years of their life."

"Having an older dog who's already housebroken is fabulous" Natalie Goodes told the 'Studio 10' panel.

"There's a bit of a myth about older dogs that they're just going to lie there and be still all day," Adam continued, "but [Chance is] as active as ever."

Despite suffering from some slight arthritis in one of her elbows, regular walks have strengthened Chance and the Goodes said she was a lot stronger now than when they first met her at the pound.

The project not only raises awareness of the benefits of rehoming older pets but also raises money to make their time spent waiting for their forever home a lot more comfortable. This year they plan to raise $150,000 in order to continue the project and buy some needed medical equipment for the animals already at the home.

For more information or to donate head to the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home website.