Give Mum Something Better Than A Bunch Of Flowers This Mother's Day

Mum has been getting those servo flowers and chocolates for years, let's up the ante on Sunday, May 12.

If there is one thing mums know it's that they deserve more. Much more.

They did, after all, get you through life until this point -- which is when you should be thinking about giving back.

And no, a box of Favourites ain't gonna cut it.

If money is an issue, we (and mum) get it -- but Mother's day gift doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to have some thought behind it...

From gifts she can use, to ones that save the planet to those she can donate to others --we've got you. And her.

Mums, we thank you!

Give her a cup that will make a difference

Reusable cups are all the rage -- yes -- and for good reason. Plastics and paper waste are destroying the oceans and going into landfill. So getting mum a cup for the cappuccino or latte she loves is a no brainer. But they're not attractive.

Or are they? Check out these little beauties from Pottery For The Planet, $35, especially for mum's big day. The Grateful Heart Planet Cup will cocoon her coffee and help save the planet, and that's all that matters.

Image: Pottery For The Planet
Save her money on her beauty regimen

Want to save mum some money? How about bringing her beauty treatments home? These days you can get at-home versions of a host of former salon-only indulgences. Like this -- an at home laser treatment so she doesn't have to go to a salon or get waxing.

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Selfie Skin clinical-grade IPL Hair Removal Handset works just like a salon machine, to reduce the amount and density of the hair that grows back -- and mum can do it at home. It also costs an affordable $189.99 so it's the perfect gift. Not a hair removal kinda gal? Why not give her the chance for a facial at home. Cleansing her face is a breeze with Clarisonic Mia Fit $315, - - she can pop in a gym bag or leave it at home for a deep cleanse that will see her glowing (and not just because she's feeling loved). The device comes with the Skin Illuminating Cleanser, formulated with liquorice root extract, peppermint leaf extract and ginkgo biloba leaf extract. 

Give another woman safety in her name

Oxfam offers Mother's Day cards that promise safe refuge for women from $25 -- perfect for mums who say they'd rather you give to others... 

And what could possibly give more comfort than a pair of slippers this Mother's Day? A gift that can offer women the support and refuge they need to get back on their feet after experiencing family violence. They also have a number of other great Mother's Day incentives -- like a women's rights donation that can support women in places like Pakistan to vote, join political parties and stand as candidates. In this way, women can have a say in issues that affect them and become leaders in their communities. From $36.

Give her the gift we all want: gin

They call it Mother's little helper, and while we don't condone drinking, we know SOME mothers need more help than others. Enter this gift pack of deliciousness...  three mini bottles of flavoured gin from The Old Curiosity Secret Garden, $49. Lavender and Echinacea, Apothecary Rose and Chamomile and Cornflower, presented in a white gift box, classy but at the same time, well, gin.

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Give her a good night's sleep

A weighted blanket -- you've surely seen them pop up in your Instagram feed -- could be just the thing. And if she's menopausal, a cooling version perhaps?

This Blanquil chill blanket is said to give you an immediate soothing, calming effect when you are stressed out or just want to wind down after a busy day. Reduced tossing and turning throughout the night and improved sleep quality. Decreased anxiety and stress and cool you down for the first 20 minutes of sleep. Perfect. Around $350 from

Plant a tree for mum (and save the planet)

Trees for Mum is a free event inviting children of all ages to celebrate their mum by planting a tree in her honour.

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Image: Getty

This year, Trees for Mum sites are in both New South Wales and country Victoria. Head to for info and buy tickets here, then head along on Mother's Day to plant your free bit of green... It's a tribute that will last (and it's free, which is even better!)

Help her help the homeless with a goodie box

She's your mum -- she knows how to help and she's offered you shelter for your whole life -- right? This is a good one. For just $19.99 plus postage, The Good Box contains things like deodorant, food, wipes, condoms, tampons (for women) and a face towel for people experiencing homelessness.

They will also either deliver your box to you or to a partner charity on your behalf. Help mum make mother's day special for someone in need.

Green up her kitchen (and save the oceans)

Plastics are killing wildlife and clogging up oceans -- according to Australian scientists, more than half of the world's sea turtles have plastic in their guts as millions of tonnes of rubbish is dumped into the oceans around the world, every year. So single-use plastics need to go.

Enter the beeswax wrap -- a healthy and sustainable way to store your food and keep produce fresher for longer. Which also help replace single-use plastics in your home and create a beautiful, plastic-free environment. Win, win!

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Mother's Day pack from Apiary Made, $40, containing: 1x large, 1x medium, 1x small wrap. Mum will be pleased.

Give her make up she can actually enjoy wearing (that doesn't test on animals)

Older skin (sorry Mum!) has different concerns from younger skin, and you don't want your mum to be irritated... or her skin, amiright? Nude By Nature is non-irritating, not-tested-on-animals, made-in-Australia mineral make up and comes in the super cute Mother's day gift pack, $64.95. Not only are they making natural, cruelty-free make-up, made with 100 percent natural ingredients and formulated without unnecessary chemicals, synthetic ingredients or preservatives, they don't do business with any company that practices Child Labour.

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