Did You Miss Harry And Meghan Wishing Prince Louis A Happy Birthday On Instagram?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex snuck in a sweet birthday message to their nephew Prince Louis on Instagram.

Were you -- like us -- simply gushing over little Louis' first birthday photos shared by the Kensington Royal Instagram account on Tuesday?

The gorgeous snaps of the junior royal were taken by his mum, Kate Middleton, and would you get a load of that delightful smile and chubby cheeks?

Pretty soon the smiley tot's pics had racked up over a million likes and thousands of gooey 'ain't he just the sweetest?' comments.

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It seems that Louis' uncle and aunt weren't immune to his cuteness either with Harry and Meghan slipping into the comments on one of the pics to share a sweet congratulatory message.

The royal parents-to-be wrote, "Happy Birthday Louis! Sending lots of love from both of us 🎂🎈xo."

Image: Instagram/@kensingtonroyal.

So far the comment from the couple's official Insta account, Sussex Royal, has been 'liked' over 14,000 times.

We can see why -- the cake and balloon emojis are on point, and we adore the way Harry and Meghan have referred to themselves simply as "us." No bells, whistles or formalities. Just "us."

And the "xo" sign off? If you needed proof that this generation of royals is cool then that's it.

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Giving each other shout-outs on Insta isn't altogether new for the younger members of The Firm.

When the Sussexes launched their brand new account back in early April, Prince William and Kate Middleton made sure to give them a warm welcome.

Princess Eugenie also gave her "cousins" some love on her personal account, sharing a throwback snap of their engagement photocall in 2017.

In March the Queen reached a tech milestone when she posted to the royal family's official Insta account for the very first time.

The 93-year-old monarch shared a photo of a letter from the Royal Archives written to her great-great-grandfather Prince Albert in 1843. She signed the post "Elizabeth R" -- the 'R' stands for 'Regina' or 'queen.'

Here's hoping Her Maj pops up in the comments soon as well.

Feature image: Getty.